4 Copies of This Film
1) 1688.0013_F16
16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1688.0010-.0013_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
3) 1688.0010-.0013_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-1688_0013-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 13
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1927 – 1931
Can Descriptions
Notes from can: 7A. N. at 6. M. Vinson's. N. mates.; Win. '27, '31 & Dux. '31.; Helen, Win. porch, 14 yrs.; Helen has breakfast with Nancy, 1 3/4 yrs.; Helen rides with Ruth Wadleigh; Helen, Ben Black's horses; Helen with her school friends. Wadleigh 8th grades; Nancy & Garfields in tree; Nancy learns to swim. 6 yrs. (over head); Nancy, Win. '31; Nancy learns to skate; Nancy, later, with Anne, Bunny, Priscilla.
Viewing Notes
A girl (Helen) sitting by the window. Intertitle: 'Helen and Ruth Wadleigh.' Two girls on horseback. Intertitle: 'Ben Black’s Flamingo”, Blue Ribbon of the Turf.' A man training a horse. Cut to two girls seated at a table. A group of girls playing outside. Girls tossing balls into a barrel, then played backwards. A child (Nancy?) climbs out of the barrel. The girls throwing pillows. Intertitle: 'Madeline Little comes over.' Helen and Nancy with another girl, Madeline. Nancy doing somersaults. Two children sitting on the ground. Nancy with two other children. Two children on a path through flowers. Two children climbing a tree. Nancy hanging off a branch. Children blowing on dandelions. A man sits on a raft while two girls swim. An upside down shot of a child swimming. Girls swimming, right side up. Nancy walking through flowers. Cut to a child skating. A group of girls sitting on the grass. [End of Reel]
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