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1) n/a_F16
16mm film; 59 reels, 7200 ft.; Silent; Color
[Wallace Cunningham--home movies]
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Can Descriptions
Twenty-eight 100 ft. rolls with labels as follows: July 4, 1951. Nat's camp. Gordons. Xmas 1952. 1 yr. old. At Portland shows. Bobby, Susan, etc. Mother's gravestone; last train ride, Xmas birthday party 1953. Birthday at Portland. Billie, Tom, Susan. 1953 or 1954. Xmas. Xmas at Portland 1953. Shoveling driveway 1953. Will, Billie and Patt. Xmas at Portland 1954 Birthday 1960. Rainbow on Ta[] R[]. Billie on back lawn with ducks. Smith & Billie at camp. Hoagy. Covering ducks. Leaves. Leo's house, Carmen and sister. Norm, Cookson, his trout. Bev & Skip at their house. Lyndall & John Smith. Flying kites at Skowhegan. Classes at Skowhegan Jr. High. Tom & Fred Merrill at Cap. Billie 2 mos.? Shrine at Rockland. Billie's Birthday Gordon's house in Mich. Strangers from Texas. Eleven 400 ft. rolls with labels as follows: 1950 Skowhegan Jr. High. 1200 pheasants released by fish and game club and fingerlings Skowhegan area. Cows in Pittsfield, hay. Crane at Ebeemee. 1951 Anah Shrine Belfast. Welcome Nobles, St. John N.B. Winston Churchill, hospital, 1951 Dec. Harriet & Dick, Billie being weighed, 1952, Bill with flowers, Easter, Billie's Christening. Phil & Ada holding Billie. Billie's First Year. Billie eating. Peaks Island, Christmas, N.B. salmon fishing, Vanceboro Canadian border, Frederickton, Peaks Island, Pittsfield 1952 Nixon. Nursery school, island, camp in boats, Quebec city with Skip, Gordon & Glad at Pittsfield, Flagstaff, at Belvedere, Sally & Judy, Uncle Harvey at F[], Islesboro Duck, ducks, trees, sea fishing. Susan Christening, Billie & hose, seals, Mother at Xmas, mother's home, 1954 Xmas, 35 wedding anniversary, farm, Susan as baby, sleigh. J-C day, Kingfield house, family picnic, Elmer's family, Jack garden. Christmas. N.B. covered bridge, lobster, Burnt Church, N.B. Eastport, Canadian, St. George. Pleasant River fishing. Woman shooting, Troy, Maine. Farm in family six generations. New Jersey, Detroit, Niagara Falls. See collection file for numbered list of reels About 2,000 ft. have no labels.
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