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16mm film; 266 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 013
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 13: [Archie Stewart can notes: Father's 1937 trip to (Grand Lake) Maine. May. Also at Fraser's [Fraser's Camps, Square Lake]. Under exposed Fraser's and Balou's. See Mary-ah & Ann. Screening notes: VS of fishing rod bent with catch, pulling fish from water, netting, men in rowboat. Man casting line. (Dark) Nice wide shot of motorized canoe racing across lake. Man planting fir tree sapling (Dark, poor shot.) Man tossing rock into lake, strides along shore. Fishermen standing in woods with their catch, landlocked salmon (dark and jiggly). Two men walk from log cabin to hang large trout from tree. Men build a camp fire beside cabin, cook fish. Grandfather Warden baiting fishing hook. Woman in city clothing poses beside 'Camp' sign near log cabin. VS of large speed boat zipping across lake. WS of motorized canoe coming in to land at far shore. Guide with pole pushes canoe through shallows, two passengers lean back beside propped fishing poles, sun glistens on water. VS of fishing; moving shots of shore and cabins from water; (beaver dam?). VS of two men with dogs sniffling through brush; training to hunt. VS of men and women seated outside cabin eating. Barefoot girl peers through chainlink pen holding frisky puppies. Man poses dog. Pan of dog kennels. Sweet shot of young girl carrying puppy. Grandfathers Stewart (shorter and stouter) and Grandfather Warden hanging up their catch of landlocked salmon. Grandfather Warden baiting a hook. Ann and Mary at kennel in Adirondacks. Ann carrying puppy.
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