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1) 1521.0027_VHS
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3) 1521.0027_F16
16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0027-.0034_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0027-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 27
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1931 – 1934
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N27; can numbers are donor-assigned. 27. 'Lee Family Album No.5. Maxim, Bill Hill, Deburys, nan's first pictures. Appleton house 1931-1934.' Can note: 'Tivoli - [Vesuvius].' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 27: Girl in chair. She appears to be in her early 20's. 19:38. Says a few words as she shakes her head slightly. Little boy, toddler, older lady outside. Younger lady and man adjacent to older lady. 20:00. Lady places toddler on her lap. Little boy waves. Older lady, the younger, toddler, little boy all seated on couch which is in yard. Middle-aged man and younger lady seated side by side in lawn chairs. Lady laughs. Lady only. She talks, laughs slightly. Lady holds toddler against her. She holds little boy on other side. Little boy places pipe in mouth in imitation of man. 21:04. Lady smiles, talks to the children. Lady with infant on her shoulder. She smiles at him. He nestles on her shoulder. C.U. infant on bed or couch. Infant smiles as lady touches him. 22:06. Lady holds bottle as infant partakes of it. Sailboat skims over water surface. It tilts slightly. 23:06. Lady pilot sits in stern. She manipulates the sail. She sails forward. Moored sailboat. Man is working on boat. Back to lady in her sailboat. She holds string which helps to steady the sail. Boat skims forward. Man working in stern of sailboat. Lady sails past in her boat. Man grasps ropes in bow of his sailboat. 24:14. Lady skims past him in her craft. Continues her excursion. Exterior of home, grounds, trees. Lady approaches hedge. Cars are parked adjacent to hedge. People, dog at left of hedge. Exterior of home, shrubbery. 25:03. Left-tracking pan. Family assembled on walk before home. Little girl points outward. Lady kisses toddler. Toddler. He has paper item in hand. 26:02. Little boy holds toddler in his arms. Little girl has cat in her arms. Lady tries to place an additional cat in girl's arms. Lady hands cat to toddler. Little girl with cat in her arms. She says a few words. Home exterior. Little boy wields toy airplane. 27:08. Toddler, little girl present. Boy holds airplane aloft. Toddler has paper item. Black and white dog scratching self. Another canine. This one is a bulldog. Toddler has kiddie car of which both dogs are adjacent. Side view of bulldog. 28:01. He sits. Toddler examines rear of kiddiecar. He looks up. Kneeling backward in rocking chair, little boy rocks back and forth. Little rocks back and forth in another chair. Lady shows little boy pages of a book. Little girl leans on table. 29:03. Infant drinks from glass as lady watches. She wipes his mouth. Removes his bib. C.U. infant. He smiles. Scratches side of neck. Puts hands inside of garment. 30:05. Little girl sitting in chair. She wears a pajama-like robe. Resting her arms on side of chair, she says a few words. Shot holds. C.U. of her as she talks. 31:09. Little boy wears white shirt and black tie. He stands at left of lady. He has small knife. Pretends to stab lady. It's a jackknife. He places it back in sheath. Lady talks to him as he fools with knife. The two are sitting in a window. Lamps, silver tea service on a table. Lady at left of table. Silhouette shot. Main Street of town. Business and apartment buildings. Cars. Two men on sidewalk. Portico of large building. Ionic columns. Vertical pan. of this building. The trees in front. 32:33. Two ladies, two men. Lady touches man's lapel. 33:03. Man skims over water on waterskiis. Not the usual waterskiis, just one-board unit. Man photographed through window of boat as he nears it. Swirling, angry waves. 34:00. Profile. Large man wearing glasses. He talks. Sailboat skimming over water surface. Man. Lady. Man smooths hair back with hands. Lady wears kerchief. Shoreline buildings. (End of Reel 27.)
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