4 Copies of This Film
1) 1428.0016_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1428.0015-.0020_DVD
DVD; 44 min; Silent
3) 1428.0015-.0021_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; 54 min; Silent
4) 1428.0015-.0021_VHS
VHS; 54 min; Silent
[Birch Rock Camp footage] Reel 16
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Viewing Notes
Amateur footage primarily of camp activities at Birch Rock Camp, Waterford, Me. NHF Cataloguer's Notes: (04:09) B&W MS two men talking. Joined by young boy. Young men walking in file shot from behind. Older man leads them. Group walks down hill. LS trees and nearby mountainside. MS boys and man sitting in grass. Man is explaining something to boys. Group of boys listening to man. Profile shot of man talking and gesturing. (06:00) Boys walking in file across field. Older man walks with younger man in his twenties. The two men ascend steps of cabin. The boys follow. Interior (dark): boys in cabin. Older man talking to boys with paper in his hand. He follows words on paper with pencil. MS exterior of home built from stones and concrete. Vines grow on step bannister. Door opens and man and boys emerge and descend steps. Man helps little girl down steps. (08:04) Man in his twenties exits house. Boys enter car parked on road. Boys and older man in long canoe on lake. Boys on shore enter lake for swim. Canoe is paddled forward. COLOR Group of boys swimming. Man in swim trunks. He waves to camera. Boys standing in water. Some bathe themselves. One boy uses shampoo. LS boys around wooden landing at edge of lake. Two boys stand on raised wooden platform. CU man smiling. Young boy with glasses smiles. MS boys standing in water around base of wooden landing. Boy in rose colored sweater. He rows boat with oars. (10:03) MS different boy rowing boat. Boy of six or seven years standing in water. A boy swims past him. Standing boy now swims. MS two young men in water bathing themselves, one uses washcloth. Five boys standing in water with arms around each other's shoulders. More bathing with cake of soap. Man in his twenties grabs boy and fools with him. Dog at shore of lake. Man grabs dog by front legs and forces it to stand. Dog is white with black spots and is long haired. Man pats then hugs dog. He sits with dog in water and points toward land. Man hugs dog. Station wagon with trailer laden with canoes. (12:01) Black and white spaniel in field with stick in his mouth. Wagon with trailer and canoes going down road. Group of young men wearing uniforms and matching caps. Young men entering station wagon. CU smiling young man of about 14 or 15 years (teenager). Another young man wears a sailor hat. Another blond boy wears a bandana around his neck. MS three boys on tennis court playing a game. Spaniel running. Pan wooden homes, trees, meadow and lake. Nurse in white uniform. MS boy astride black horse. Horse being unsaddled outside stable. (14:00) Boy astride horse and pan of boy riding in meadow. Boy bounces up and down in saddle. He is joined by another boy on a white horse. Another boy on black horse joins other two riders. Horses and riders running. Several canoes on lake. Boys unloading canoes and putting them in lake. Cabin cruiser is moored in lake. Group of boys on float. One starts jumping around as if exercising. Young men paddling canoes. Boys swimming. End of reel.
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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