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1) 1949.0009_BSP
BetaCamSP; [00:20:00]; Silent; Color
2) 1949.0006-.0009_VHS
VHS; Silent
3) 1949.0002_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Lauren K. Woods—home movies] Reel 9
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Mother (Violet Woods) as older woman. Children on bikes, boy blowing bubbles, children playing in yard (grandchildren?) Entrance to the Hotel Roanoke, pan of Roanoke city skyline, doormen, and father (Lauren Woods) getting in car? Violet Woods around pool area. Sign at milepost 144 on Blue Ridge Parkway, "View Devil's Backbone Elev. 2300'." Pan down into valley. Mother looks at sign for "Drainage Divide" (Atlantic-Gulf drainage divide) on Parkway. Sign on building "Parkway Playhouse" in Burnsville, NC. Views of stone stage and amphitheater. Sign in Burnsville for the "Nu-Wray Inn Meals Lodging" on the town square. Views of the Yancey County country store exterior, the town square and Blue Ridge Hardware store. Color sign: "Mountain Wilderness Trailer Park Campground", swimming pool, trout lake where kids fish from dock and cooking trout over campfire. Children in pool, on trampoline, riding pony. Lauren K. Woods III (?) is father, and grandmother watches. Motorboats at tied up at marina, and POV from boat of sailing race. Views of boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ, people walking some sitting on bleachers. Parade with flags, bands, many cars bearing beauty queens, and floats, etc. This appears to be connected to the Miss America pageant, Miss America 1968 (Debra Dene Barnes) passes by on float, followed by state winners in open cars. Men hawk programs with picture of Miss America on cover. Donor notes: "1968"
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