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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0010-.0012_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0010-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 10
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 10: Intertitle: 'A Comparison with New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, Made April 16-21, 1926.' 12:21. 'We look at the other states first.' 'Leaving Hartford.' Woman descends steps, reaches into car with open door. Man enters car. Facade of home. Intertitle: 'A Pause at the old Bullet Hill School, Southbury, Conn. Built in 1778, and still doing business'. 13:00. Exterior of school, Colonial architecture. Woman emerges from car. Intertitle: 'Danbury, Conn.' City street. Parked cars. Vehicles going down street. Pedestrians. Intertitle: 'We Reach the Hudson River at Yonkers, 110 miles and cross on the ferry'. Car parked at side of dock. Ferry boat approaches. Intertitle: 'We reach Princeton, N. J., 177 Miles, at Ten o'clock, and stop the first night.' Facade of home. Home has long shutters, vertical windows, long white pillars, colonial style. Car parked on street outside. Sign: 'Prince Lion Inn.' Exterior, grounds of inn. Intertitle: 'Next morning we look over Princeton University'. 'The Cleveland Tower, and the graduates' school'. 14:01. Tower with school buildings attached. Foliage, grounds about school. Expanse of school buildings. Tree wafts in breeze. Arched doorway of school. Vine-covered exterior of school building, cars parked in yard. Arched entrance itself. School buildings. Well-kept shrubbery, bushes of grounds. Row of protective arches. Intertitle: 'Inside the dimly-lighted proctor hall'. Interior of hall so dimly-lit as to be almost indiscernible. Lights in background. Ornate door. Looks like church or cathedral entrance. Screen intertitle: 'Samples of Princeton student motor cars.' Open student car, convertible-like. Student car with top over it. 15:00. Other student cars of various makes. Intertitle: 'Main Street, Princeton'. Cars parked on Main Street. Car motoring down street. Pedestrians. Car backs up. Intertitle: 'Old Nassau.' Truck going down street. Various commercial and large academic buildings. Arched entrance, gate of building. Facade of building with climbing, capacious vines. Academic buildings, trees of grounds. People walking on pathway. Bare trees on either side. Intertitle: 'Where Woodrow Wilson lived, while president of Princeton.' Vine-covered gateway, shrubs, towered building. Woman walks on pathway. Academic building with several chimneys, arched windows. Another building with less shrubbery. Intertitle: 'A good example of the university type.' 16:00. Rear view of man walking down college pathway. He carries cane, academic, scholarly type gent. Intertitle: 'The Grover Cleveland home, now the Prestons'. Very wide pathway, almost as large as a road. Fence with shrubbery growing through it. Buildings in background. Car with hose extended into gas tank. Intertitle: 'A good specimen of New Jersey highway, straight, level, and perfect.' Expanse of highway with protective fencing and telephone poles extended. Active ocean surface as viewed from large window. Intertitle: 'At 259 miles, we reach Penns Grove on the Delaware River, opposite Wilmington and cross on the ferry'. 'This is a good route to Baltimore, and Washington because it avoids both New York and Philadelphia.' 17:00. Churning ocean. Cars parked at side of highway. High wooden guard fence. Ocean churning. Dock piles, wooden planks in water. Ocean surface writhes. Horse-drawn wagon with just enough room for the driver. Car drives forward past attendant at entrance in wharf area. Intertitle: 'The Philadelphia boat. The Delaware is a big river here.' Large, long ship with its title, 'Wilson' on the side. Men, standing on dock watch 'Wilson' commence its voyage. Intertitle: 'Arriving on the Wilmington side.' Dock buildings with signs on them stating that this is a landing area for boats. Intertitle: 'We lunch at the Dupont Hotel, Wilmington.' 18:01. Exterior of the 'Dupont Hotel'. Lacy wrought iron and permanent wooden awnings. Intertitle: 'A sample of a Delaware road. The central white line is a tremendous help in a fog.' Extensive view of highway with attendant stretch of telephone poles, a billboard. Vivid white line extends down center. Intertitle: 'A glimpse of Dover, the capital of Delaware'. Long municipal building with arched doorways, white columns. Car motors down the street. Closer view of exterior. Car parked by sidewalk. Pan. extends to adjacent buildings, homes. Mid-19th century building similar to large cottage. Municipal buildings in left-tracking pan. Intertitle: 'We run the full length of Delaware over perfect concrete, reaching Berlin, Md., that night'. 19:00. Exterior of hotel, inn. Car parked at side of road. Left-tracking pan. of 'Atlantic Hotel'. Commercial buildings in center of town. Pedestrians. Woman with umbrella. Exterior of 'Coates' garage. Intertitle: 'The road to Ocean City. It was raining.' Highway adjacent to 'Coates' garage. Rain has commenced falling. Swelling, foamy ocean surface. Waves sweep shoreward. Waves sweep toward brake fence, gift shop on immediate shore. 20:02. Dock, wharf landing. Building under construction. Pan. of area. Unfinished wooden pilings, columns lie on ground. Car parked near landing side. Building. Sidewalk separating it from opposite side of road covered with water. Right-tracking pan. of this area. Intertitle: 'Characteristic 'Eastern shore' settlements.' Large, apartment-type building. Two small steamers on river. Pan. tracks to the left to reveal protective wharf fencing. Car, buildings adjacent to wharf. Parked car. Home structured like large log cabin. 21:00. A window, somewhat ramshackle. Intertitle: 'We ran across this 'darkey' camp meeting place at a cross-roads.' Highway. Unfinished fence with high posts at right side of road. Car motors down highway. Woman walks along road. Right-tracking pan. of area with trees, building. Sign: 'Glen Dam Motel'. Intertitle: 'They sleep in those queer looking sheds.' Individual structures which resemble better grade shacks. Closer views of back exteriors of these structures. Wooden platform is stuck underneath one of them. Long, narrow openings at the top. Left-tracking pan. of buildings. 22:00. Protective roofing, sheltering dome. Pan. of area extends. Intertitle: 'We could not guess what this was.' Square box filled with soil elevated on wooden piles or planks. Intertitle: 'Enormous level tracts of land without a stone the size of a walnut'. Long pan. of land which appears to have been harrowed, plowed. Barns at back of field. Intertitle: 'We reach Claiborne, Md. on Chesapeake Bay, in time to catch the three o'clock boat for Annapolis.' 23:00. People stand on wharf as boat, small steamer comes into dock. People watch as the steamer moors. Children run along highway. Cars parked at side. Military man, other people on dock. Protective fence elevated above water surface of area. Cars motoring, people walk about in dock area. Car motors in dock area, appears to be placed on boat. Infant standing at window. Ladies on dock. Most appear to have magazines, newspapers with them. Water surface. Wharf extended into water. 24:00. Intertitle: 'It takes two hours to cross.' Water surface. Smoke emanates from ship's smokestack. Waves, foam begin to churn in water. Aqueous violence increases! Man holds little boy by hand. Intertitle: 'Approaching Annapolis, Md.' Water surface with utility towers along shore. Three-sailed boat. Water surface. Municipal buildings on immediate shore. Pan. of area. Sailboat. Small fishing or cargo boat. Side of long vessel. May be passenger craft. Waves dash against protective seawall. Car parked nearby. Trees. Administrative, municipal buildings very near shore. Intertitle: 'The U. S. Navy Academy at Annapolis.' 25:01. Formidable or large naval building for the building and discipline of military men. Lampposts adjacent. Intertitle: 'The Executive Mansion, where the Hamiltons lived during Gov. Hamilton's administration.' Colonial type mansion with long windows and plain-columned portico. Cars motor down street. Doorway of colonial home with fanlight window. Intertitle: 'Famous old Carvel Hall where we stopped the third night.' Entrance to 'Carvel Hall'. Lampposts on street. Man ascends steps. Pan. of brick wall, set of steps immediately before inn steps. Trees. Left facade. Buildings adjacent to inn or hall. Intertitle: 'The Brice House, Annapolis'. Pan. of colonial buildings. Colonial style chimney of 'Brice House'. 26:02. Sidewalk, trees. Intertitle: 'Its neighbors.' Mid-Victorian houses, structures, some with protective porch roofs. Pan. of dwellings tracks to the left. Intertitle: 'Next day, we drove to Washington to see the cherry trees in blossom'. Nation's capitol building. Columned Washington Monument. Intertitle: 'There was ice and snow in the sheltered places in Conn. Spring was in full bloom here.' Street in Washington, D.C. Parked cars. Trees with wispy flowers in bloom. Centoaph or vertical, pointed monument. 27:00. Trees, shrubbery. River. Pan. of area tracks to left. Flowered trees. Intertitle: 'Leaving Washington, we headed west for Hagerstown.' Facade of building, 'State Police Substation.' Intertitle: 'At the top of Braddock Heights.' Elevated highway with railroad tracks, telephone poles. Intertitle: 'Next day, we headed home via Baltimore, Wilmington, and Princeton.' Standard Oil Company building with gas pumps. Brick building adjacent. Intertitle: 'Catonsville, Md. where we take gasoline.' City street, commercial buildings, pedestrians, a streetcar. Quick pan. of area. 28:02. Intertitle: 'At Havre De Grace there was a big forest fire.' Field, trees, clouds of smoke ascending into the air. Right-tracking pan. of area. Highway, railroad track on which a train speeds along. Intertitle: 'We caught the four o'clock boat at Wilmington.' Wharf. Car drives onto wharf. Buildings of wharf. Boat moored. Boat, a little bigger than a tug, commences its voyage. (End of Reel 10.) Cherry trees in blossom.'

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