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1) 0844_F16
16mm film; 1000 ft.; Sound; Color
2) 0844_VHS
Wings to Brazil
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Can Descriptions
Travel 'documentary' (promotional film) with scenes and brief narrative descriptions of the main cities and points of interest in Brazil. Includes shots of leisure activities (such as golfing, bathing, amusement park rides) as well as coffee bean harvesting, street carnivals and traditional fishing. Illustrates local architecture as well as some of the local customs. Narration is basically verbal description of pictured shots; it continues throughout the film in voice overs. NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: Waterfalls. Brazil. Mountains, pan to ocean. 'Pan American' plane landing. Airport. Women walking off plane. Rio de Janeiro buildings. Vintage cars. Trolleys. Aerial view of crowds on sidewalks. People carrying huge bouquets of flowers. Copacobana beach, bathers. Swimmers running from camera. Women and men smiling, sunbathing. Beach umbrellas and kites. Mirrored sunglasses reflecting image of bathers. Shadow of buildings on beach. Cable car going up Sugarloaf. Shadow of cable car, shot from car across valley, to stone Christ. CU statue on peak. (Narrative description of Portuguese discovering land.) Shots of stone carvings. Church. Rooftops of villages. (Town founded by discovery of gold.) Illustration of village life: bell rings, man opens window and hangs out bird cage, work begins, men and women make pilgrimmage to fields carrying hoes and sieves. Lines of Brazilian coffee workers. CU shots of harvesting beans by hand. Ox drawn wagons. Hoeing rows. Piles of beans. Shows steps of processing. Cranes, industrial equipment. Sao Paolo: multiple shots of skyscrapers. Crowds. Flowers. Tiled walls and ceilings. Stained glass windows. Ferris wheel. Carnival. Flag flying. Waterslides, bellyflopping. Underwater shot of swimming. Paddle boats. Golfing. (Golf portraitures are freeze frames with mountains behind.) Peacock. Bathers. Jazz bands on a terrace. Decorated cakes, dishes of sweets. Couples arm in arm walking away from camera. Horseback rider. Kitten jumping out of basket. Fisherman with 'ashargata' canvas sail. Fisherman setting up raft and log, rope secured vessel. Lighthouse. Coconut grove. Tree climber harvesting coconuts. Salvador de Bia, port city. Harbor market wares shown: geese, food, trinckets. Children playing in streets with large wire rings. Pan across city. Float plane. Amazon and Rio Negro point of water where colors of each river is distinct. Amazon, lilly pads. Flora. Monkeys. Houseboat. Shots down river from boat, young boy in bow of boat. Riverboats heading toward market. Rooved boats. Opera house. Carnival scenes in Rio. Costumed street dancers. Hula hoop drummers. Floats.
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