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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 002
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 2: Polly bath. Polly [?] Christmas. Puppy. Harrie at two weeks. Swimming. Buck Hill. [Leader: W. Rumney NH. Cape Breton. Polly.] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 2: Toddler in bathtub. 21:41. She smiles, has ribbon in hair. Lies down on stomach. Woman approaches. Toddler stands by set of wooden shelves. 22:07. She has magazine in hand. Woman turns pages. This is really a child's book. Woman turns pages for her. The book teaches a child how to tell time. Someone throws bits of crushed paper all around toddler who smiles. Paper continues to fall in profusion. She waves her arms around. She has a piece of crumpled paper in her hand. 23:00. She smiles. Toddler stands by rocking horse. She holds small object against her forehead. Woman wheels small wheelbarrow down path. Toddler walks between woman and wheelbarrow. Toddler grasps the handles. Toddler approaches side of station wagon car. Sign on side of station wagon door: 'Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland, Maine.' Woman places toddler in car. Dog appears. 24:07. Toddler waves. Toddler playing outside. She has small circular object in hand. She is making 'mud doughnuts' with a tin can. Toddler astride kiddiecar. She is on walkway. Standing, she pushes kiddiecar with her legs. Smiling, she waves making kiddiecar leg-operated. (The film now becomes colored.) Woman holds toddler on stomach across inner tube on water. 25:08. Water ripples. Toddler wades in water. She peers under wharf. Woman holds toddler on water surface. Woman is teaching her to swim. Toddler moves arms. Toddler wades, splashes water outward. 26:01. Smiling, toddler continues wading, splashing water. Another woman enters water with her toddler. She places her toddler on water surface. Woman now lays aforementioned toddler on stomach on water surface. Together they are teaching their children to swim. Held by the women arms, each toddler swims on water's surface. Black dog races down woodland path. Toddler now walks down woodland path. Copiously-leafed trees, foliage. Toddler standing on walkway. Trees, tree trunk in background. Slight breeze blowing. Dog enters. Two blocks on walkway. Woman with container in hand. 27:04. Toddler follows woman who places container in station wagon. Toddler climbs into station wagon. Door opens. Toddler emerges. Smiling, toddler looks up as woman emerges. Toddler points. She smiles. Shadowy scene. Difficult to discern. It appears to be a constructed, miniature wooden structure. High chair adjacent. 28:03. Toddler lifts tray of high chair. She carefully lets it fall back into place. She looks at difficult-to-discern object. Light reveals that this a Christmas tree. Toddler opening Christmas present. It is a book: 'The Gingerbread Man.' She thumbs through book. Toddler in snowsuit. She walks on snowy surface. Toddler mounts small sled with protective bar in front. Toddler waves as woman pulls her along on the sled. 29:09. Toddler standing in snow. She handles snow. Swinging her arms, she takes snow in hands. Toddler is joined by toddler-friend. She whirls around. She sits in snow. Spring. Toddler on ground. Puppy is with her. She picks puppy up. Puppy struggles in her arms. 30:05. Toddler smiles, caresses puppy's ear. Toddler stands in wooden box. May be sandbox. Toddler hurls a bit of sand. Toddler pedals tricycle on walkway. She pedals up to parked station wagon. She opens door of station wagon. Woman with purse arrives. Toddler climbs into station wagon. Woman looks on as toddler gazes out. 31:05. Woman opens door of station wagon. Toddler emerges. She shuts door of car. Toddler pedals tricycle down walkway. Toddler pets puppy. Puppy has artificial bone or 'chewie'. Toddler pats puppy's side. As puppy enjoys 'chewie' toddler sticks her tongue out. Toddler walks on lawn. Two station wagons are parked in area. Toddler sits in easy chair.(Hereafter cataloguer will refer to toddler as 'little girl' as she has reached that stage of maturity.) Little girl holds infant in her arms. Woman pushes infant's blanket aside. 32:04. Woman takes infant from little girl. Woman holds infant in her arms. She draws little girl against her. Little girl wades in water. She has tin pail. Woman holds little girl from behind. (Cataloguer's error: Tin pail is really a small washtub.) Woman places little girl in washtub. Holding tub by handles, woman wafts tub and girl up and down in water. Little girl climbs out of tub onto wharf. Woman holds tub while she reenters it. Woman bounces, wafts tub and passenger up and down in water. While woman holds tub, girl climbs out of it onto the wharf. She smiles and gets back into the tub which woman is holding. Woman wafts tub and girl up and down once more in water. 33:01. Woman places girl in water. Woman holds onto girl as girl swims a few strokes. Woman ducks girl in and out of water. Woman bathes infant while girl looks on. Infant cries as woman washes the top of his head. She removes him from tub, dries him off a bit and puts him back into tub. She 'chucks' or tickles infant under his chin. She places him back on blanket and rocks him back and forth by grasping his arms. She gets infant to 'patty cake' a bit. Now she turns him over and rubs lotion on his back. 34:07. She puts a clean garment on him. Two men at work on sailboat. Dog and another man appear. Children of varied ages sit on steps of home. Interior scene. Girl holds aloft drawing which she has made. Infant and little girl. 35:00. She hands him building blocks. Infant hits her when she takes block away from him after he places it in his mouth. He reaches for block. Girl takes him by hand. She sets plush panda down in front of him. Infant crawls, inches himself along on comforter spread on floor. Snow scene. Woman, girl and infant outside. Woman pulls little girl and infant along on small child's sled. 36:03. Woman pulls infant along on sled by himself. Girl now pulls sled. Woman helps her. She has difficulty pulling sled on her own. She smiles as she pulls as hard as she can. She walks over to sled. Man approaches and lifts infant off of sled. He takes girl by hand. 37:05. Infant in tub. He looks up as water is in motion. Infant inches himself along on path. Dog walks in front of him. He smiles. Dog is chocolate lab. 38:00. Little girl pedals tricycle on pathway. Car parked adjacent. Tricycle has car license plate attached to the seat. Little girl on roller skates skates past infant. She advances toward him, half-skating, half-walking. She has lost one skate. She goes along on one skate. Man stands behind her watching. She has resumed wearing lost skate. She stumbles and man helps her regain footing. She now walks along on her skates. 39:01. Infant inches himself along on walkway. Boy waves from canoe as it skims over water. Infant walks on wharf. He wears a T-shirt and swim trunks. (He is a toddler now and shall be referred to as such hereafter.) He smiles. He sits on wharf and throws rocks from a pile into water. Little girl joins him. She also hurls rocks. Rear shot of toddler in his swim trunks. 40:04. He is wading in the water. Woman is behind him. Girl on wharf. Little girl smiles and wades. Woman holds toddler's hands as he wades in water. She wafts him gently up and down in water. He smiles. CU toddler. Woman assists him as he walks in water. Girl nearby. Girl smiles. 41:00. Woman again assists toddler as he wades in water. Now she pushes him along on his stomach. Woman holds onto little girl as she tries to swim on stomach. Man scrubs 'lab' dog from tub as little girl watches. He continues bathing dog. 'Lab' resting on ground. 42:00. Man examines dog's ears, removing matted hair. Dog running. Small white-water stream which is almost a miniature waterfall. Little girl, toddler. Little girl throws rock into stream. Toddler imitates her motion. Both continue to throw rocks. Streaming beauty of small waterfall. Girl continues to throw rocks. Toddler plays on shore. Man takes toddler by hand. Toddler beholds waterfall. 43:06. Rocky shore adjacent to stream. Woman, toddler, and girl. Girl and toddler. (End of Reel 2.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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