4 Copies of This Film
1) 2177.0004_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2177.0001-.0005_BSP
3) 2177.0001-.0010_DVD
4) nhf-2177_0004 ProRes.mov
[Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 4
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Can Descriptions
Label: 'DOB Fall 1929.' // Many tears and poor splices needed repair. // Footage of canoeing, family hunting party at dockside.
Viewing Notes
Canoe with two men, one standing paddles by. Men around smoky campfire framed by woods. Man wields axe. Dark shot of man with rifle in woods walking slowly, crouches. He loses balance, then takes a shot. Continues to crouch and advance. Five men in single file walk in woods. Men around a dead bear. They touch it. Then tie it to a litter of two logs (sling poles) and two men carry it on their shoulders through the woods. Men load dead black bear into canoe, one man adjusts its head by the ears. All five men get into canoe with the bear. Two men carry deer on sling poles; man in front smokes a cigarette. Man hoists deer (four points) onto his shoulders and carries it. Two canoes head out in slightly choppy water; one has deer in it. Views of camp. Lake with fog and reflected trees, pan. Men in foreground silhouetted against lake, framed by trees. Further views of lake with fog and clouds. Hills in background. Tilt up through trees, unstable shot. Man carries deer with tagged antler. Older man carries dead bear. Deer is hosted up into tree, lowered on pole. Man arranges deer on another man's shoulders. The man carrying the deer lifts its head and makes to kiss it. Men in canoe goes over small dam. Very nicely framed shot. Another man follows. Deer and gear in canoe. Third canoe with formally dressed older man (sport) in front, paddler behind. Fourth cane followed down river. Views of canoes on rapid stream. Man standing with pole. Man waves at camera. Smoky camp fire in woods. Dam with canoes emerging. Canoe on fast water, lots of gear piled in front of canoe. Canoes with deer feet up in air; other canoes pulled into eddy. Man poles canoe; he has large wooden can. View of canoes tied together pulled behind motor boat across lake. Lake edge, small fire among birch trees; it is snowing. Farm house and other buildings, fence in foreground. Horse. Men sit by lake, one stands. Men walking in front of farm house. Elder man carries something. Boy in cap smiles. Teenager smokes pipe. On deck, men carry deer, arrange gear. Dog wags tail. They drag their gear and lift it into a trailer. Two men pull, others push it. Weir tending, fish jump. Two men in barge. Man with mustache and hat. Woman in apron, wearing glasses, addresses camera outside house. Younger woman comes out. View of house.

This item is available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film
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