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March 3 2019 at 19:14:21
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 1
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1927 – 1928
Can Descriptions
1. June 1927--Tom six months old, horses. Dec 1927--Christmas. Feb 1928--Snow, first sled.
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 1, 6/1/99 JS: (0:00) Intertitle: 'Week of June 12th, 1927.' Two men and three women hold and play with infant. Man smokes cigar. Absurd hat has been placed on infant's head. Man also wears a ridiculous-appearing hat. 01:36. Man holding horse by rein. (This part of film a bit blurry, unsteady.) Man leads horse. Pats horse. (Poor photography!) Woman with infant in arms sits in chair. (Shot is shadowy, not too clear.) Woman places bottle in infant's mouth. Infant lies on stomach on top of bassinette. 02:19. (Return of good photography.) Woman removes infant from carriage and walks in yard. 03:02. Intertitle: 'July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 1927.' Horse in stall. (Photography shadowy, poor.) With mouth, horse extracts cigarette from man's mouth. Horse moves tongue, kisses man. (Return of good photography.) Man leads horse across yard. Another man leads horse by rein with first man astride horse. The men stand talking with horse between them. First man gestures, crouches down to check horse's feet. Horse led forth by rein. He puts tidbit in mouth. Horse removes tidbit from man's mouth. 05:08. (Shadowy shot) Outline of item visible at bottom of shot. May be more man-horse shots. Horse in stall? 05:50. (Improved photography.) Infant lying on blanket. (Photography is still shadowy.) Woman holding infant? 06:25. (Photography is much improved.) Horse on racetrack. Jockeys with sulkies attached to horses. Man watches from side of track. Racers slow down. 07:24. Infant smiles while lying on pillow. Has rattle. 07:34. Intertitle: 'December 25th, 1927.' Man emerges from cabin. Man wheels infant's carriage in yard and enters home. Woman emerges from home, pushing infant's carriage before her. Front door adorned with Christmas wreath. 08:29. Intertitle: 'January 2nd, 1928.' Infant in rocking-horse chair. 09:35. Two women approach front door. 10:08. Man hits golf balls with iron. Car goes by in street. Hits ball. 10:24. Intertitle: 'January 29th, 1928.' (Photography a bit poor.) Infant astride man's shoulder. Man dances, moves about with infant still on shoulders. Infant sitting in carriage outside. Woman pushes carriage forward. Action continued on sidewalk. 11:23. Man skips as he emerges from home. He and other man support infant sitting in sled. Man pulls infant who sits on small sled. Man shakes infant's hand as infant sits on sled. He pulls infant across snow. Woman now pulls sled and infant. The two go past tree. Man breaks into run as the two go by garage. 13:11. Intertitle: 'February 13th, 1928.' Infant crawls on floor. C.U. infant. He smiles, continues crawl. 14:43. Woman and infant crouched down on front porch. Infant is astride small kiddiecar. C.U. woman and infant. (End Reel 1)
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