4 Copies of This Film
1) 1108.0026_VHS
2) 1108.0026_SVHS
3) 1108.0026_F16
16mm film; 385 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1108.0025-.0027_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 026
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 4/96: Reel 26: Archie Stewart can notes: McQuades Buick. Canadian trip. Mr. Ramsdell. Mr. Bourne. McKinstrey & Balfe. Dr. Townsend. Danielson. Uncle Bob. 1. End of building garage. 2. McQuade and TWS go to Canada. 3. Massrs, Bourne, McKinstry, Balfe, Dr. Townsend, Danidson, Uncle Bob. Screening notes: Men wearing bowler hats. Slo pan left of long suspension bridge, misty. Child beating on large metal ring (very short and dark). Jack Hildebrand is man with cigar. Construction: rolling gravel into hot tar on roof, Broadway Garage. Building (glass skylights?). Hoisting hot tar in buckets. HS of small cart holding steaming tar. Men on scaffolding washing stone facade. Interior: hammering in ceiling tiles, black man vacuuming floor (dark). Shoveling sludge off street curb into truck. WS of city from water, New York City from Weehawken Ferry. Steamship ferry approaching dock. HS of people at railing on deck of ferry. Various shots of boats passing, including large paddlewheeler, ocean liner. Moving shot of shore, piers from boat. Horse and colt grazing in field. Street scene, construction. Building short cement wall. Pan of site, scaffolding and steel girders, men building brick walls, pushing wheelbarrow, mixing cement, using electric handheld skill saw to cut lumber. Locomotive freight train passing, Newburgh RR station. Wide view, pan of construction site. Interior, man opening mail (dark). More construction, building brick wall. (Men working under 'Uneeda Biscuit' sign painted on building. Snowy street, view from moving car. Nice shots of vintage trucks and automobiles passing (some bumpy). Car struggles to enter unplowed road. Nice shot of sedan approaching over snow drifted landscape. Trees and bushes bow under heavy weight of snow. Man walking down path between rows of trees. More snowscapes, slo pan up high fir tree laden with snow. Car beside snowbank as high as top of tires, man pumping air into tire in front of 350 Grand Street, Newburgh. Mary Stewart (child) peers out of window, wipes frost, joined by Mrs. Mary Stewart and Ann. Strange shot of black man checking car tires shot through crossbars on window. Construction: more brick building, pan of site with dozens of busy workers, Ann Street view. Title: 'September the Seventh saw Doc, Lew, Al, and Wes starting for big game in Canada.' Four men with pile of hunting gear wait on train platform. Locomotive approaching station, Beacon RR station, passengers waiting. Men board, stand in doorway waving. WS of train slowly pulling out. Dewitt McKinstry, bank president, and Mack's grandfather; Two older men coming out of house with boy, John "Mack" Balfe, unlatch wrought iron gate, stop to talk, shake hands. Man rough-housing with two German Shepherd dogs, one pulling on coat sleeve with teeth (short). Dr Townsend on his front porch with Federal period glass around door. Torn down for apartments on LeRoy Place. Well dressed people come out of house and pose on driveway. Women with fur collars, men in bowlers. Uncle Sam Stewart, Stewart Gatter and his wife at Brookside.
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