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1) 1922.0001_VHS
2) 1922.0001_BSP
3) 1922.0001_F16
16mm film; Silent; b&w and color
[Alvin H. Giffin--home movies] Reel 1
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Can Descriptions
Vinegar syndrome, shrinkage, emulsion damage. // STORED IN VINEGAR FREEZER. // Note on can: 'Giffin family. Mix' // Dog sitting on woman's lap playing tug with little girl; little girl with two teddy bears; close ups of little girl's face; woman and little girl walking down sidewalk; man and little girl walking down sidewalk; woman, black and white dog (some sort of terrier?) on leash and little girl on sidewalk; two small children and woman sitting on blanket outside, joined by little girl; little girl in bonnet by car; ducks swimming on pond; little girl with ducks; man, woman and little girl in yard; family gathered in yard; man playing with puppet; boy playing with puppet; women and little girl on porch; people walking into water (ocean?); 'Miss America 1958'; little girl sitting in sand under umbrella, playing with sand; shot of beach, houses by beach; people standing, swimming in ocean; little girl on beach; little girl playing with beach chair; group of people on steps in swimsuits; shot of car; 'Blizzard Kayos Boston'; shot of piles of snow, houses on street; woman and girl walking down cleared sidewalk; girl in snow, building fort?; little girl and woman toasting with teacups at table with Christmas decoration; two older women with child at table; woman showing child caged bird; child in bathtub; woman and girl playing with baby doll, cradle in front of fireplace; shot of mirror above mantle, girl then in rocking chair looking at book; woman putting winter hat on girl; girl holding baby doll in front of fireplace; girl pretending to make something; family at airfield by airplane, getting into airplane; plane taking off; group watching plane take off; exterior shot of house with cedar shingles and porch; group in rockers on porch; man, woman and little girl walking toward camera; man and woman helping little girl walk; family with dogs by car; women standing in yard with little girl; man and woman in yard with little girl; girl in costume in yard with older woman and man; family standing by lobster pound at the shore; family posed outside (in front of picket fence); family and dogs standing in yard; family getting into cars (1940s), one man in Navy (?) uniform; man, woman, girl and newborn baby standing in yard; close up of man holding baby; little girl standing holding hands of older couple.
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