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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; Color
4) 1108.0140-.0142_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 141
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1961 – 1962
Can Descriptions
Reel 141: Archie Stewart can notes: Christmas 1961 - May 1962. 1. 1961 Xmas Hafer's in Eau Gallie. 3. Visit G.G. in Miami. 4. Return to Cape Canaveral. 5. Col. Glenn's take-off. 6. T., J.W. and Abby to Sunday School. 7. Visit from Sr. Hafers, Col. G. and Didishims. 8. Camp 7-19 May. Screening notes: VS of family in polka dot nightgear on Christmas morning, Hafer quarters, 80B S Magnolia, Eau Gallie, FL (Patrick AFB); Sauls family visiting. Taking presents from tree, opening gifts. Children play with toys, rifle, Barbie doll. Baby with bow on head. Huge piles of presents, wrapping strewn everywhere. Family dressed in best, pose on coach. Baby plays with tree ornament. Exterior, three children dressed as Indians with feather headdresses. Interior, boys birthday party with cake, presents.; Tom Hafer's birthday. Exterior, Mary Stewart [grandmother] poses with portrait of John Hafer. Exterior, man washing car; ocean in BG. VS of elderly people, nicely dressed, getting into car. GG's place in Coral Gables, FL, with her friends. Sign: Langlois Motel. Woman relaxing beside pool. VS people seated on bench looking at ocean through binoculars. ELS of rocket take-off from Cape Canaveral, John Glenn first US man in space. [February 20, 1962] Mrs. Mary Stewart posing with older couple. Abby with Easter basket shaped like rabbit. Three children in Easter finery walk down street, getting into [school?] bus labeled US Air Force, going to Sunday School. Sign: Smithfield Motor Lodge [Virginia]. VS of motel shrouded in heavy fog. Archie Stewart leaving room. VS, interior, family at formal dinner. Ann brings out cake with many, many candles. All help blow out; Archie's birthday. B&W, baby playing with hat and sword; walking; bouncing in grandmother's lap; climbing on grandmother (?) lying on floor. VS: Birds at feeder; blue jays, cardinals, etc. Girl riding bicycle. Dachshund eating. Man sunbathing. Forsythia in bloom. Rob Golding tips hat, walking beside blooming bushes. VS blossoms, flowers. VS of people talking on sidewalk Doc and Eddie Hafer at 350 Grand Street. Pan down glamour girl photo on calendar for Broadway Garage, to May 1962. WS man in FG, mountains in BG. Moving shot from boat, towed canoe rocks in boat wake. Archie standing in hole, digs with pick. VS Rob and Earl shoveling, filling in trench for water line or septic. Rob Golding horsing around with broom made from pine boughs. VS of people loading fishing gear into motorboat. VS of fishing from canoe, lobster boat. Interior, B&W, group eating dinner inside cabin. Roy Curtis.

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