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16mm film; [2350 ft. total for 7 reels]; Silent; b&w
[commercial shorts] Reel 058 (C5)
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Can Descriptions
Various commercial shorts. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 58 (C5): 400 ft. B&w. Si. Chimp the Aviator. Not animated. 'The Little King.' Krazy Cat. 'Stabbed in the Circus.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes. Reel 58. (Screen lists this as 'Reel 59'.) 43:07. Sign. 'Christmas Night.' Cartoon characters carry king in a palaquin across ice. King peers out of palaquin using binoculars. Christmas tree on sled. Elves working. Hoboes view Christmas tree through window. King emerges from palaquin. 44:07. King joins hoboes looking at Christmas tree. Hoboes talk, point. Animated character dances in window as noses of king and hobos grow big. King sees sign in window: 'Come in and write your letter to Santa Claus.' King goes in. Little girl hands him paper. He writes to Santa Claus. King hands Santa letter. Santa is sitting at desk. 45:00. Santa reads letter, shakes king's hand. Santa removes king's crown, pats his head. Santa waves 'Goodbye'. King leaves as hobos continue to peer in window. King and hobos enter palanquin. Attendants bear them away. King enters palace with hobos concealed under robe. He ascends long staircase. King removes robe, revealing hobos. King removes long underwear. He wears boxer shorts beneath. He scratches his chest. Hobos remove their clothes. One has 'NRA' symbol tattooed on his chest. Other hobo removes socks and wiggles toes. Butterflies emerge from cobwebs between hobo's toes. 46:37. King and hobos bathe together in tub. Hobo swallows cake of soap. Hobo goes to mirror, begins blowing bubbles. King and hobos dress in identical underwear. King removes hobo's socks. The three descend stairs. King leads with hammer in his hand. King nails three socks over fireplace. 47:24. 47:34. Nails bend over fireplace. King and hobos approach queen's chamber. King draws portiere aside. He pulls queen's long stocking from her as she sleeps. He nails it over fireplace. King and hobos ascend stairs and get into bed. Hobo who swallowed soap blows big bubble. 48:11. Saw dividing block of wood appears in bubble. The three awake. 48:20. Santa and reindeer in sky. Santa enters chimney. Too large for chimney, he decimates it as he descends. Santa falls out of fireplace. He takes drill out of his pack and drills hole in floor. He puts 'Christmas Tree' seed down hole and tree grows immediately, decorates itself. King, hobos descend stairs. Santa takes pack and ascends chimney. Beholding tree, king and hobos are excited. King drives toy car. Hobo drives fire engine. Another flies airplane. 49:58. King drives car on stairs. King in car and hobo in fire engine crash into one another. King emerges blowing bubble amidst Christmas-wreathed rubble. 50:16. Intertitle: 'Official Film. The End.' 50:22. New film. Intertitle: 'The adventure parade. Chimp the aviator. Here's how to become an aviator!' Chimp, umbrella in hand climbs up side of garage door as man watches. Chimp, still holding umbrella jumps down to ground. Chimp goes over to man, who takes him in his arms. The two drive away. Intertitle: 'Paint up and fix up, first!' Chimp dips brush in paint. Paint pail falls over. Chimp pounds with hammer on plane. Propeller turns. Man gets into plane. Chimp runs along ground. 51:16. He ascends into plane. Sits in pilot seat behind man. Intertitle: 'Test the struts while aloft!' Dressed as pilot, Chimp climbs on struts. Pilot motions Chimp to come off wing of plane. Aerial view of ground below. Chimp approaches pilot, but remains on wing. 52:05. Chimp throws banana to ground. Intertitle: 'Jiminy Crickets!' Aerial view of ground spinning. Pilot. Intertitle: 'Oh, me! Oh,my!' Aerial view of ground spinning. Pilot with Chimp beside of him. Intertitle: 'Golly. Do I feel funny!' Ground spins. 52:51. Plane lands. Chimp emerges. Banana peel. Chimp walks along. Intertitle: 'The End. Castle Films.' 53:02. New Cartoon. Intertitle: 'Krazy Kat. Stabbed in the Circus. Woman cat laughs as male cat beside her looks disgusted. Fat cat swings on trapeze. He tickles woman cat under chin. He grabs her from seat. They swing together on trapeze. Fat cat's posterior touches male in face. Male takes hat pin. He places chalk mark on trapeze cat. Places another as trapeze cat swings near him. Fat cat falls off of trapeze into net below. Male cat laughs. Police dogs take male cat away. 54:11. They take car before finger-pointing judge. Fat cat and cat swing on trapeze. Once again, fat cat falls to net below. Bounces out of net outside and through roof of courtroom. Fat cat chases male cat with board. They run under rug. Male cat heats spear in potbelly stove. He chases fat cat. Fat cat pursues him with board. Fat cat falls through judge's bench. Male cat shovels heated coals into fat cat's shorts who takes off bearing judge's bench and judge. 55:44. Woman cat enters courtroom. Male cat and she embrace before the scales of justice statue. Intertitle: 'The End. Excel Movie Productions.'
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