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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 2
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1941 – 1959
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes (donor's notes inserted in brackets): [Location possibly Greenville, Maine, or Knowlton, Quebec, Canada] MS of man standing in doorway of home. MS of two ladies with little girls. CU of little boy smiling. CU of infant being held in mother's arms. Rear shot of girl pedaling forward on her tricycle. She turns around and pedals forward into camera range. MS of lady in doorway. She descends steps. CU of two ladies. One on right wears glasses. They talk a bit. CU of top of lady's head, her hair parted in the center. She laughs. Her companion smiles. Shot of family group standing before home. Father, at extreme left, holds child in his arms. MS of older lady and a man emerging from doorway of home. Lady descends steps and shakes hands with a man at foot of steps. They talk a little and grasp hands once again. Another gent walks in from left of frame. He and lady also shake hands. Shot of exterior of home. Two men are conversing at foot of steps. Shot moves to left. Shot tracks to the right to show car parked outside of garage. Man raises his hand,sideways,to his brow. MS of man descending steps of home. Man waiting on sidewalk has briefcase. Snow is falling. Other members of family appear on porch of home. They also descend steps. Quick shots of these people talking, smiling. MS of man entering car as lady holds door for him. Car drives off. MS of two young men, college age. One smokes a pipe. They commence walking down the street. Rear shot of the two friends now joined by a young lady. CU of young lady smoking a corncob pipe. MS of man swinging his golf iron. He pauses. MS of golf ball rolling down green. Ball goes into hole. Alternating shots of man swinging iron and ball rolling down green. MS of group of people walking or marching. Shot is overexposed. Shot of people riding in trucks, cars. MS of horse-drawn carriage, loaded with people. Shot of what appears to be a group of majorettes practicing with their batons. Shot of marching band. Shot of majorettes going through baton maneuvers. Photography still too pale. MS of group marching. Photography has improved. MS military unit marching, sailors, legionnaires. Rear shot of young man walking about. He turns to face camera. Scratches side of head. Appears to be CU of little girl clad in snowsuit. CU of little boy companion smiling. Both children's suits are covered with snow. MS of woman who comes up and playfully takes hold of this little boy. Next shot is overexposed, appears to be shot of low-lying foliage. Quick shot of stream or waterfall. MS of group of four, three ladies of varied ages and a little boy. They wave at camera. LS of trees, foliage in wood. Woman in white, nurse?, waves at camera from foreground of shot. Quick shot of stream or waterfall. LS of two ladies ascending steps of exterior stairs. Quick shot of ladies walking in street. Overhead shot of boy wading in water. He has toy sailboat which he guides with his hands. Little boy jumps up and down with joy! Shot of copiously-treed mountain top. Shadowy shot of woman and young boy. Lady has paper in hand. Could be a letter. CU of lady smiling, drinking from glass. Shot moves back to lady smiling. CU of young man, smiling. He doubles up his fists in jesting manner. Rear shot of young man walking in snow. He jumps into snowbank. Two ladies follow behind him. Quick CU of a boy. MS of young girl walking down the street. She wears overalls and carries her coat under her arm. Rear shot of girl walking briskly down street. LS of group of people gathered in the street. CU of boy. Shot of snowy landscape with many people attired for skiing, sliding, winter sports. MS of two men playing golf. One man gives ball vigorous hit with his iron. Alternating shots of these golf buddies lobbing the ball with their irons. LS of green where the men have been playing golf, lake and mountain in immediate distance. MS of man swinging his golf iron. CU of sled as it descends hill. It's loaded with riders. MS of people arising from sled at foot of hill. MS of two boys standing on sled. As it descends, the two boys fall over. Quick shot of winter sportsmen at top of hill. Everyone is well-dressed for winter. This rear shot is almost a silhouette. Repeat shot of two boys standing on sled and falling over. Men climb hill, slide down on toboggan while standing, fall off at bottom. MS of man's hat which has fallen off. He retrieves it. Alternating shot of two other men who ride toboggan down hill while standing. Both descend without falling down. Pan of parade. Float with long miniature building passes by. Camera follows float down the street. MS of truck with arched sign which states 'Indian Hill Farm'. MS of float composed of small evergreen trees. Two men and hats, displayed on a rack are also on the float. Pan shot of street, crowd where parade is being held. MS of float on which two men actually chop wood and place it in a pile. MS of sign outside of building [Family-owned Knowlton Bakery, Greenville, Maine]:'Doughnuts and coffee, 10 cents.' MS of parked cars and people walking amongst the same. Shot of this area. Shot is shadowy. MS of table with what appears to be a floral exhibit or food on a tray. A jack-o-lantern pumpkin is on the table. MS of lady smiling. She wears an apron. MS of couple talking. Shot moves down to the table. Woman partakes of food from tray in center of table. CU of cooked turkey. Man helps himself to food. Shot of diners, a third woman party at the table. Shot of turkey on tray. Pan of cars parked adjacent to lake. People walking about. MS of little boy. [Black and white] MS of group of children clad in Halloween costumes. Shot of entire group 'tricked out' for Halloween. Children push one another in jest. MS of two little girls in 'regular' attire. Quick CU of little boy. MS of children sitting on ground. Two have a snack and one plays with doll. Shot moves along group to mother at far right. Car in background. Boy drags a shovel behind him through a large puddle of melted snow. Children walk on frozen, snow-covered lake and eat and drink while sitting on the snow. Young boy holding up fish. Man walks across ice with auger in hand. Exterior shot of fish house and adults standing in front of it with close ups of each person's face followed by brief shot of young boy ice fishing with line tied to stick. Man buries auger into ice. Closeup of child's head in snowsuit. Man standing in snow. Boy standing in show. Children eat and drink outdoors on frozen lake at makeshift table set up beside Knowltons, Inc. bakery truck while a small campfire heats a pot. Three small children in winter attire at the table drink from tea cups. Closeup of fire. Older man stands near truck and smokes pipe. Brief b&w footage of children swimming in lake and small boy paddling a little boat with an oar. Boy on outdoor porch in winter churns ice cream in bucket with help from slightly older girl. Young boy in winter attire climbs snow pile.
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