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1) 1271.0014_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1271.0014_VHS
3) 1271.0014_IN3/4
4) nhf-1271_0014 VHS.mov
5) nhf-1271_0014a Bell 1 16fps-2336x1752 Centennial ProRes 4444.mov
[Bell--home movies] Reel 14
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Viewing Notes
Label: 'HBB. 1928.' // Woman holding hands with small child on a country road. Between them they are holding a large wrapped package or present. Child sits at edge of water. Swimmers dive off diving board. Child playing in water near shore, splashing and running her hands through it. Woman and child splash water on each other. Rear shot of adult swimming in water as people step into water from edge of diving board. C.U. little girl sitting in shallow water. Girl walking down road. Man behind her with wheelbarrow does road work. Girl approaches patch of copious flowers. Samoyed (dog) joins her. C.U. flower cluster. Little girl dangling feet in water. Adult takes her by hand. Rear shot of adult helping child to shore. Two ladies greet child on shore. Child prefers water. M.S. child and adult standing in midst of lake. Adult helps child to shore. Rear shot of child with beach ball, throws ball in water. M.S. boy flinging himself across rubber swimming toy, raft-like facsimile of animal. Boy takes beach ball into shore. Boy strides into water with inner tube around waist. M.S. adult with child in arms in lake. Two boys playing in water. While holding child in arms, adult dunks girl in water. Adult places child astride rubber water toy. Adults wading in water. M.S. garden, shrubbery, flowers. M.S. two ladies on shore, two children wading in water. Little boy in water mimics muscleman. Boy hops up and down in water. Little boy sitting on shore, dangling feet in water. Little boy pushes sailboat in water while he wades. Quick shots of adults dog-paddling. M.S. divingboard area. Adults watching from wooden platform, children playing in water. Adult man steps in lively fashion onto diving board. Children slide down tall slide into water. M.S. of man embracing child near shore. Two children splash him. Man carries child into water as she clutches his neck. Gently, he ducks her up and down. L.S. of swimmers in vicinity of diving area. Adult climbs wooden ladder to top of slide. Adults descend slide. M.S. of children having a meal. L.S. beach, adult and child on shore. Rear shot child playing in sand. Pipe-smoking man joins him. Child advancing toward ocean. Dad takes child by hand, leads back to land. Child with sand shovel, pail. Three children playing on lawn. Rear shot of man tending to child standing in wicker chair. Samoyed joins the fun. man pets dog. M.S. of car which looks like a stationwagon [Model T] man drives with dog and child. Shadowy shot of car as it motors down road. Child attempts to climb into car. M.S. dog in car. M.S. man and child playing hide-and-seek around bush. man swings golf iron. Dog joins the fun. man kisses child. They goof around. man is helping child to operate tricycle (blurry). M.S. child on trike. Boy picks up small plank. Boy crouches down with plank, toy train and dog. Boy smiles, puts finger in mouth. C.U. of samoyed. Rear shot of boy scurrying down path. M.S. of boy grasping tin shovel, the kind used to remove ashes. Rear shot of boy near doghouse. M.S. of boy and dog behind fence or gate. Shot of boy, dogs behind fence.
Amateur films
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