3 Copies of This Film
1) 1922.0012_VHS
2) 1922.0012_BSP
3) 1922.0012_F16
16mm film; Silent
[Alvin H. Giffin--home movies] Reel 12
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Can Descriptions
Vinegar syndrome, shrinkage, emulsion damage. // STORED IN VINEGAR FREEZER. // Originally reel 7. // Woman helping baby walk in yard; woman and man with baby in yard; woman in black dress seated in yard holding baby, clapping, helping baby stand; woman in white dress seated with baby in yard, joined by woman in black dress; end of magic show (writing on scarf backwards); dark shots of group of people and cars outside; women standing in front of dorm (?); women and men standing in front of dorm; shots of campus, cars (1950s), construction on campus; 'Float Colby' sign; football game: cheer leaders, game, marching band; sailboats on lake; shot of lake, hills, sailboats; men docks working on sailboats; people sitting on rocky shore; snow covered campus seen through window; blurry shots of people grouped with female graduate; water skiing show (palm trees on beach); posed water skiers; women in hoop skirts; shot of family grouped in front of Christmas tree; little girl with large lollipop; shot of kids with presents piled under tree; baby playing with wrapped presents; group of men and women posed on golf course; golf game.
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