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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 124
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Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: Reel 124 Camp fall 1956. Colonel G's 82nd [birthday] 25 November 1956. Xmas 1956. New Years dinner. Screening notes: WS car picnic on rural road. VS of Buick sedan. WS of man [Archie] giving keys to another man. TS on car tire. WS of Rob Golding and Earl Bonness carrying dead bear cubs on rolling cart through the woods. WS of Mrs Mary Stewart posing with flowers beside bush, leaves have turned red. MS of two pilots beside pontoon plane. VS of plane taking off from lake. MS of people eating inside cabin [Mary and Earl Bonness]. Woman points at wall calendar, MCU pointing to date October 24. VS group eating. Man [Archie] walks to calendar and turns page; MS points to date November 1. MS of thermometer on pine tree. WS of man [Archie] in sleeveless undershirt walking to flowering bush, unrolls calendar. MCU on page for October 1956, tears off to November. MS Archie cutting flowers. MS Archie in flannel shirt, trying on different hunting caps. WS of boat at dock. VS of loading luggage into boat. Moving shot inside car driving down highway. MS of older man seated at dining table, opening pile of gifts. Rob Golding's birthday, kitchen at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh. Sign on clapboard building: The Bird & Bottle Inn. MS of Rob and Mother [Mary Stewart] standing by door. Views of buildings. Young boy [John] kneeling by pile of presents removing gifts from Christmas stocking. VS of children opening presents while adults watch. Tom, John, Ann Hafer on 23rd Rd in Arlington, VA. VS of eating Christmas dinner. WS of people standing by small brick house. VS of eating dinner, Fred Hafer carving game bird, 350 Grand Street, Newburgh. Archie, Tom, John, Rob eating bowl of popcorn. Mother cleaning up, doing dishes in kitchen.
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