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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1519.0046-.0049_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 049 (F19)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 49 (F19): [no can/reel notes; dc 1972] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 49. 44:28. Rear shot of young men walking down woodland path. Shot commences with two young men. They are joined by two others. Cabin exterior. Young man enters. Another emerges. Cabin exterior. Evergreen trees. Flowing stream at side and beyond. Right-tracking pan. of area. 45:13. Trees. Woodland path and cabin at side. Left-tracking pan. of area, trees, young man walking about. Others walking around. Group of young men at cabin exterior. One has pad and pencil. Some of the young men have long hair, more of modern appearance. Two young men. Young man smiles as he sits on bottom step. 46:01. Group of young men standing. One has hillybilly hat. He leans on sign which states: 'Grand Stand'. All smile. One twirls one finger around. Six young men sitting in twos. One raises his eyebrows. Laughter and genial spirit. Young man sits outside of tent. Group of young men sitting below him. 46:33. Roof and cabin exteriors. Young man runs up steps of cabin and enters. Two young men playing table tennis. 47:00. Ball is extended from string wrapped around pole. Young men try to capture ball. As ball goes round and round, young men hit with hands. The ball with string winding around the pole. 47:26. Trees of immediate area. Young men, most of them in their pajamas, descend cabin steps single file. One has only just his briefs. 48:00. Young men run down wharf and dive off of it into water, swim. They appear to be nude. Distant rear shot. 48:10. Young man sweeping. He smiles as he sweeps cabin steps. Young man hangs cloth item under cabin exterior. Another young man approaches with a broom. In upward motion, he applies to ropes at cabin exterior. 48:42. Group of young men with only dangling legs visible. They are on platform. Cloth, canvas hides the rest of them. They raise cloth of tent to reveal themselves. They secure rolled up tent cloth with ropes. Young man in center folds his arms. 49:03. Silhouette of young man in tent. He is removing items from wooden chest. Bunk at right. He applies broom to wooden floor. 49:23. Silhouette shot of young man rolling up bedding on bunk. 49:38. Group of young men walking in woods. One has items on belt around waist. Group climbs upward. They enter path between two large boulders. 50:05. Carefully, the young men climb upward. Young man has canteen, other item around waist. 50:16. Horizon with clouds. Mountain top expanse. Right-tracking pan. of aforescribed area. Same extended. 50:54. Young men have started campfire. Smoke emanates from it. 51:00. Young man applies axe to felled tree trunk. He holds this upright as he applies axe. Young men, some bare-chested, add wood to fire. They bring string of fowl on spit or stick forward. Scan of group eating and drinking. One of them bites into large item as sort of comic touch. Two young men eating. Young man uses large spoon to place dough into pan. Appear to be biscuits. 51:51. Group of individual ovens with biscuits in them. Rocks. Wood. 51:58. Group of young men stand around eating. Smoke emanates from campfire. 52:06. Group of pies. Some are being sectioned for serving. Individual young men are served slice of pie in small pans. 52:32. Two young men playing chess. Group of young men peeling potatoes. One reaches into burlap bag for a potato. One stands as he peels potato. 53:02. Group of young men diving, swimming from wooden platforms opposite one another. Young man dives from board at side. Group of young men swimming in area; others still on platform. Young man does expert flip of 'jackknife' dive. Young men climb small ladder to diving board and dive. Young man at side waves. Young men on platform. Others swimming. More diving. 54:06. Young man does flip, 'jackknife' dive. Another does same. Young man smiles as he swims. Other swimmers. Swimmers on platform. Moored motorboat. Swimmer returns to platform. Young man sprawls on his stomach on platform. He looks up, rises. 55:03. Group of young men on shore edge. Water surface in motion. Swimmers swim forward. Two young men dive from shore. Two young men in canoe watch group on shore, swimmers. Swimmer swims vigorously to shore. Another young man enters water. Swimmers. 56:04. Young man wearing sunglasses paddles canoe. Swimmer dives from board. Another does same. Another follows. Rather obese young man now dives into water. 56:37. Boy, man in rowboat. Man wipes off watermelon. Group of swimmer. Occupant of rowboat dangles feet in water. Group of swimmers. 57:06. Closer view of swimming group. One swimmer dives beneath water for quick dip and surfaces. 57:17. One at each end, two young men cut tree trunk with handsaw. Other young men watch. They lop off end of trunk. Two young men resume sawing trunk in same manner; one at each end of the saw. End of trunk sawed off. Process is repeated. 57:40. Blonde young man. He has a frog in hand. He pats its head. 57:53. Group of young men assembled outside. Quick left-tracking pan. of group. 58:04. Large tin can is inverted on ground. Tadpole is beneath and tadpole jumps ahead when can is removed. Young man slithers, crawls after tadpole on 'all fours'. Three young men crouch down, crawl, follow tadpole in that position. There are two tadpoles. Young men watch, follow them. Young man grasps a tadpole. 58:32. Group of young men in canoe. A cross-piece or small platfrom is placed in canoe center. Two young men with backpacks stand on this cross-piece. Young man sitting in bow seems to be reading a newspaper. Extended vertically on cross-piece is a chimney - like structure on which numbers are inscribed vertically. Boy standing at back of 'chimney' swings a lantern. 58:59. Group of young men in another canoe. Two in bow raise their hands in salute. A cross-piece is in this canoe. A table is on this cross-piece. Thereon, two young men are writing. 59:08. Two canoes together, a cross-piece between them. There is a pole to which is attached a kite-like object. Bizarrely dressed young man waves. He wears dark glasses. 59:16. Two other canoes joined by cross-piece. The theme here is patroism. The center is graced by the American flag. Young man dressed as soldier wears battle helmet. Soldier waves. 59:30. Lone canoe with costumed young men. Man in bow holds lantern over the water. Canoe with cross-piece with young men in conventional dress. 59:39. Two canoes together. Covering is imitation of covered wagon. One young man is dressed as a woman. 'Man' of the couple wears hat such as men of pioneer times wore. 'Woman' waves. 59:49. Long-haired young man in stern of the two canoes paddles. 59:55. Two other cross-piece connected canoes. Young man pops out of suitcase in center of cross-piece! Lid of suitcase falls back and young man therein waves a red flag. 00:06. Sailboat with young man as navigator skims on water. He sits on side of sailboat. It creates a wake behind as it skims over the water. Young man reclines in stern of canoe. He grasps rope leading to sail. Sail is inclined to flop over. 00:41. Two young men navigate another sailboat. House and abundant evergreens of shoreline visible. 00:54. On other sailboat, young man grasps sail rope, to prevent sail from flopping. (End of Reel 49.)
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