4 Copies of This Film
1) 1108.0100_VHS
2) 1108.0100_SVHS
3) 1108.0100_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Sound; b&w
4) 1108.0096-.0100_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 100
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Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: 'Sound scraps. Hardly worth keeping except for a few good pictures of Rob, Howard and Father. 1- Prof. Hailes Football, 100 feet of transparent. 2- Howard Jones in Football for the Fans. 3- My own odds and ends just stuck together instead of being thrown away.' // Reel contains 3 separate items. // Item 1: Sound only, no picture. Mary had..., music [very poor quality], Well I guess thats enough of that... experiments with spring driven motor playing Rudy Vallee again, music quality improves, then speeds up. Mr Hale, You've just seen demonstrated the chief trouble I've had... // PURCHASED FILM Item 2: VS of large crowds in stadium. Intertitle written on football: 'Howard Jones, Football Coach of the USC Trojans in Football for the Fans. By arrangement with Norman Sper with the Leading Gridiron Coaches in Deception Plays. Released through Tiffany Productions, Distributed by Educational Film Exchanges, Inc. Copyright 1931 by Tec-Art Corp. Passed by National Board of Review.' Marching band on athletic field, ground level shot. Aerial view of kickoff, sound of crowd cheering, WS of stadium crowd. WS of scrimmage and touchdown. Coach Jones: Deception and power are the two main elements of a football attack... standing on field with ball tucked under arm. Addresses Chick Meehan of New York University (1925-1931) to describe his favorite play. NYU coach introduces play at five yard line, then slow motion of split buck on the goal line, quarterback fake. Harvard hidden ball play, shown in real time and slow motion. // SOUND Item 3: Sound only, no picture: RCA sound camera using electric motor drive and studio camera - song with female backup singers. Spring drive test, RCA camera: music, Bailey Sisters. Two tests with RCA camera with Galvanometer: dance music, male singer. Resume picture: Interior of cabin, man telling stories about driving cows to pasture; uncle [incomplete]. Two men start to tell story. Men sitting at kitchen table telling stories. Mrs. Mary Stewart singing, white ruffled shirt. Man reading poem: Here lies the body of daughter Charlotte born a virgin and died a harlot... Man reading poem about tea with Duchess. Sound only, no picture: Archie's voiceover for footage depicting aftermath of snow storm, Newburgh spring flood. Picture resumes, very quick cuts: Three men in tuxedos. Four girls in woods. Woman at piano. Two young girls on couch with stuffed animals. MS of McNaughtons [Inn], Manchester, VT. Archie describes as pans camera to mountains in BG [faded]. Very dark picture: orchestral music, waltz? Line of people in costume sway to beat [can barely be made out].
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