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1) 1521.0017_VHS
2) 1521.0017_IN3/4
3) 1521.0017_F16
16mm film; 250 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0013-.0018_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0017-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 17
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1925, 1927
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N16; can numbers are donor-assigned. Reel note: 'Marshall Field Co.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 17: 14:08. Intertitle: 'Family album No. 5 The John Glessner Lees' March, 1927. Percy Maxim, 1925.' Woman talking. She wears open-necked blouse. She has small object in her hands. She smooths her hair, examines small object. She stands in doorway of home. 15:00. Wind blows her dress. Intertitle: 'Percy Maxim, Hester Hone, and John Lee and Hamilton Maxim, 1925.' Man, woman emerge from home. Woman draws coat collar over her head. Woman smooths her hair. Couples are sort of jesting in preparation for photo. Woman straightens her coat. Man talks to woman. The couples stand side by side. Woman straightens coat once again. Man gives buddy playful push. Intertitle: 'John Lee, Percy Maxim, and Hamilton Maxim, 1925.' 16:03. Two men, woman walk down the street. Men turn around, doff hats, bow to camera. Woman makes pleasant slight gesture. Rear shot of the three walking down sidewalk. Car goes down street. The three do turnabout and walk forward. The men doff hats. 17:05. Man at right gives woman gentle poke. The men poke each other. Sportive free-for-all erupts with poking and shoving. Woman gives man a good push. Intertitle: 'At Hartford February, 1927.' Woman in chair talks while holding book. Places hand under chin. She strikes a thoughtful pose. She talks, smiles. 18:00. 18:06. Same woman stands in window. She buttons cuffs of her dress. She checks wristwatch. Winds it. Same woman emerges from doorway of home. Scratches her hand. Does turnabout and reenters home. Using two fingers, she waves 'Goodbye'. Intertitle: 'At Hartford April, 1927.' Man sits in chair. He is licking envelope. He secures envelope with hands as he smokes pipe. 19:01. Screen intertitle: 'On April 5, 1927 Jackie joined the family. Aged 1 month.' Mother holding infant in arms. Woman straightens blanket. Caresses infant's arm. She talks to baby. Intertitle: 'Jackie and Mr. Watson.' Woman, friend or nurse, holds infant in her arms. Woman smiles, all the while observing infant. 20:00. Woman behind the two looks on. Infant is sleeping. Intertitle: 'Great grandfather and great grandmother Glessner visit Hartford in May, 1927.' Woman holds infant in her arms as man looks on. Woman emerges from home to join the three. Elderly couple also emerge. Older woman holds infant in her arms as others look on. Infant is asleep. 21:00. Woman passes infant to older man. He says a few words as woman caresses infant's head. Intertitle: 'Great Grandfather Glessner, Grandfather Maxim, Father and Jackie. Hartford, May, 1927.' Elderly man holds infant as older and younger man look on. 22:07. Elderly man, not holding infant, says a few words. Intertitle: 'Great Grandmother Glessner, Grandmother Maxim, Mother and Jackie. Hartford, May 1927.' Elderly woman holds infant as woman slightly younger looks on. Another woman, even younger, caresses infant's head. Intertitle: 'Jackie and Miss Richards.' Woman in white uniform holds infant in her arms. Infant moves about, yawns. Intertitle: 'Aged 2 Months, note the sneeze that follows the yawn.' Infant in older woman's arms. Infant is sleepy. 23:11. Infant yawns. Infant sneezes. Woman holds infant close to shoulder. She gives infant gentle kiss. 24:00. Infant nestles against her shoulder. Intertitle: 'Master John Maxim Lee, aged 3 Months.' Woman holds infant in her arms. She talks to him. He is awake. Intertitle: 'Jackie's first visit to 'Bill Hill', July, 1927.' [Lyme CT] Infant lying in wicker rocking chair. Pillow supports infant. (This photo is tinted.) Intertitle: 'He is a splendid listener at 3 months.' 25:01. Older woman wearing apron sits in chair as she talks to infant in wicker rocker. Intertitle: 'Departing for Amityville, July, 1927.' Group of people gathered in yard adjacent to well. Man enters car as three women look on. (Film is still tinted.) One of the women wave as man drives off. Rear shot of car. 26:03. Intertitle: 'Jackie at Amityville August, 1927.' Infant lying on back on bed. (Black and white photography has resumed.) Intertitle: 'Jackie' at 4, 1-2 Months.' Infant sitting up. 27:08. Adult hand supports infant. Infant moves a bit. Looks around. Intertitle: '39 Coles Ave, Amityville, L. I. , N. Y., August, 1927.' Exterior of home, Victorian style, Long windows, roofed porch, vines growing at side. 28:00. We move to right exterior of home. We stop at roof. Intertitle: 'Father leaves to go to business.' Couple emerge from home. They kiss on top step. Man enters car. He drives away as woman watches. Shrubbery and flowers of yard. Intertitle: 'Jacob', 1927.' Cat is sitting in window. Intertitle: 'Hobo', 1927.' 29:00. Dog sprawled out on front steps of home. Dog looks up. (End of Reel 17.) Reel note: 'Marshall Field Co.'

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