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1) 1469.0014 - 1469.0015_VHS
2) 1469.0014 - 1469.0015_IN3/4
3) 1469.0014 - 1469.0015_F16
16mm film; Silent; b&w
4) 1469.0014-.0017_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reels 14 & 15
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 6/97: Reels 14 & 15: Ship at dock. Stevedores (men loading or unloading ships) walk along shore wheeling empty carriers. Adjacent wooden buildings. Man smoking pipe. Men near car talking. Lake with surrounding evergreen trees. Railroad track runs through wooded area. (01:07) Trees shown with mountains behind. Wooded area and railroad tracks. LS mountains. Lake. Elevated railroad tracks above lake. (02:01) Wooded area with snow covered mountains. Low lying foliage and evergreens. Peaks of mountains. CU trees. Lake. Mountain slope and wooden buildings on shore of lake. Car towing another car. (04:01) Man driving car behind car being towed. Woman weeding near the lake shore. Two men nearby. One lifts a wooden box and then puts it down. Two men point toward unseen object. Extended footage of lake. Man wearing dark glasses (sunglasses) on shore with one hand on axe. He points with his other hand. Lake. Man wearing hat sits on shore. (05:09) Man with glasses pointing again, then he grasps axe handle. CU other man wearing hat. LS lake and surrounding mountains. Man leaning on axe handle. Lake and trees. Man leaning on handle raches down then leans on boxes. Man in very long boat navigating the lake, moving downstream. Man in back secures cargo. (07:00) Boat is not far from shore. CU man standing in boat using long wooden pole for support. Small American flag graces front of boat. Two men on boat. Shoreline. Standing man aboard boat uses pole for an oar. Shoreline. Man in boat uses wooden frame to steady himself. Two barrels comprise some sort of portage. (09:00) Bos of boat. Canvas covered portage. Lake with trees and mountains. Shoreline with cast off pieces of lumber. Man putting saddle on horse. Horse steps smartly along. Horse and man on rocky terrain. Man leads horse. Othen man joins them. Horse lowers itself down. Man gets the horse up and pats it. Horse becomes frisky. Man then leads it by the bridle. Shrubbery on mountainside. Wild elk or deer run in the background. (11:01) Low shrubbery and boulder strewn ground. Adjacent brok. Bird flies out of shrubbery. Bird on boulder. CU boulders. Bird (?pheasant) moves among the boulders. Lake with two deer grazing along the shore. Buck advances, sniffs and grazes. A herd of bucks appear. (13:05) Herd breaks into a run. Side of mountain is shown. Deer continue advancing. Snow covered ground. Deer pause to sniff and graze. Deer run. Snow. (15:04) Deer continue running. Bushes. Lone deer, others run behind him. Field at foot of mountain shown. Deer, white tailed doe, is running in field. Quick CUs of deer running. Buck comes into view. Shrubbery and deer moving through it. (18:01) HE approaches scraggily trees. Boulders on side of mountain. Two bucks in background. Man unloading antlers from horse. Man adjusts blanket. Another man approaches and puts more antlers on horse's saddle and spreads a blanket around the antlers. (20:02) Three horses. Antler laden horse. Three bucks roaming in field. Fourth deer joins them. All four move moderately along. More foliage. Black and white elk wanders about in background. (23:15) Shrubbery. Elk moves a few paces then pauses then runs. Extended footage of sparse trees. Fuller trees. (25:01) Trees sway in breeze. Elk in background. Elk moves up hillside. Lake and mountainside. Extended mountainside footage. (27:06) Man, older and bearded, is rowing canoe near the shoreline. Stops canoe along the shore. He talks with a man on shore. He continues to row across the lake. Wooden building near shore. Hut-like building right on the shoreline. Men gathered on wooden boat. They drive out into the water- one man at the wheel and two men standing an the stern of the boat. (29:22) Flat boat- ferry. Boat docks on opposite side of river from which it embarked. Seven bear skins are hanging out to dry in the sun on a wooden frame. Deer, moose antlers on side of frame. CU of trophies. (31:00) Extended footage of trophies. Both antlers and skins shown again. Cu antlers. CU bear skins. Alternating CUs of the same. Antlers from wild sheep and goats. CU of the same. LS of trophies. Black and white dog rises from the ground, shakes himself. (33:11) Two men examine trophies. Another dog appears. First dog gets up on man who pats hims. Two men appear from opposite directions. End of Reels.
John Howard
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