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1) 1108.0025_VHS
2) 1108.0025_SVHS
3) 1108.0025_F16
16mm film; 392 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1108.0025-.0027_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 025
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 4/96: Reel 25: Archie Stewart can notes: 1932 Xmas. Uncle Sam. Rob's wedding. Excellent. 1. Christmas 1932 (2-7 1933). 2. Rob and Howard's visit in January. 3. Rob's wedding, January. 4. Kids in snow, January. 5. Picnic Peekmoose, May. 6. Decoration Day. 7. West Point vs. Yale, 20 Oct. 8. Nydam's farm, November. 9. Trusey at Point, May. Screening notes: Kids seated beside piles of gaily wrapped presents. Adults and children opening gifts. Children in bathrobes enter room, ogling gifts and Christmas tree. Pan down tree covered in tinsel, garlands and ornaments. Little girl hugs stuffed animal, rocking in small wicker chair amidst jumble of wrapping paper and other gifts. Playing with train set. [Christmas at Uncle Samuel Stewart's at Brookside with boy George Gatter, Gladys Stewart, Stewart Gatter and second wife. Christmas at 350 Grand Street with Mary and Ann. Mary with doll, Ann with blocks.] Family poses at front door. Man and woman standing with chauffeur. Various shots of well dressed adults seated about living room, engaged in lively conversation, laughing. Wedding of Rob Golding and Jane (second wife). Woman shoveling path in snow. Ann playing in snow with dog. (short) Three West Point cadets pose for camera. Child in stroller, smelling flower, clutches stuffed cat. Man wading in stream, fishing (nice); trout stream in Catskills. Peekamoose. George Northrop fishing, wearing fedora hat. Anne Northrop and Ann Stewart toddlers. Mary Stewart in sailor cap. Roy Curtis in glasses. Children on rocky shore, tiddling fingers in water, tossing rocks. Women tending large campfire, setting out picnic. Two young children eating soup. Man (in suit) instructs young girl how to fish. Various shots of people eating picnic. Young child in (father's) lap clutches branch cut into fishing pole, left hand stroking dad's calf (nice parenting shot). Man lolling on ground teasing little girl. Girl playing with toy telephone. Children swimming, playing with inner tubes. Ship wheelhouse in the rain. Various shots of ship decks. VS of other ships and barges passing, POV from deck chair. Newburgh-Beacon ferry. Dirigible airship overhead. Girl feeding chicken from her hand. Quick shots: plane landing; pig in sty. View out of curtained window. HS of group of rowboats moored together, man rowing. Pan down to pedestrians on walkway, cars parked, street. View from window of skyscrapers in mist. More HS of street below, pan up to skyline. Woman seated in windowsill, profile, looking out. Military parade seen from bandstand.
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