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[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 66
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1951 – 1952
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 66: (36:15) man walks up path away from camera, firecracker goes off in grass; man in floppy hat points and talks to others, women in bathing suits walk up beach, man in trunks greets them; women sit on beach towel; man puts string of fireworks on rock, lights them and runs away, several go off and they fall off rock; (36:59) dressed up women leave camp (37:11) three women sit in stern of boat one has flowers (37:18) women walk up pathway toward camera and away from car; (37:26) two children in matching clothes walk over to a woman in front of a car while maid watches; older woman joins them; another older woman kisses children; maid joins woman and children; two children in dirt pile, older man joins, kisses smaller child, then other kid; (38:21) launch approaches dock; woman walks by car w/ trunk open; (38:46) man leaves house w/tennis racquets under arm, wearing wig and women's clothing, woman follows; man and woman pose for camera, man smokes; group of men in women's clothes; man wearing dress approaches camera; pan up legs of man in dress; man in large odd hat approaches with child, drinking out of a can and smoking; several more men come up path toward camera, all in dresses, one is holding a parasol and is skipping w/ another man; two men walk past camera, one in black raincoat, the other dressed like Ebenezer Scrooge w/ candle and nightgown, both carry tennis raquets; man w/ nightgown holds candle for man to read by; two men in dresses and wigs play tennis against two women; man /w nightgown talks to young man behind chicken wire fence; woman (?) pushes stroller up against bench, boy in striped shirt and red cap walks past and away from camera towards her; man in yellow bonnet faces camera frowning; man on tennis court wearing dress removes coat, man on other side of net (also wearing dress) catches tennis balls; man wearing cast and bandages holding racquet hobbles around; men wearing dresses play more tennis; man holding parasol walks toward net, man w/ umbrella hits tennis ball; Ebenezer watches ball cross net; 'wounded man' and man dressed like box of Tide play tennis; man w/ inner tube around neck and man w/ dress and sash play tennis; (41:30) box of Tide chases ball; man holding two racquets and wearing grass skirt approaches camera, followed by woman pointing and laughing; woman dressed as nurse helps 'wounded man towards camera; crowd watches tennis game; man w/ inner tube holds baby; children play w/ cats (?); man in grass skirt walks onto tennis court, away from camera; man in inner tube and man in life vest walk back from net; woman in black dress hits backhand; woman in black hits another backhand, man in dress watches in background; man in dress and woman in black shake hands; man in grass skirt stands in front of court; wounded man walks off court; man in dress walks across court past camera w/ Ebenezer; (43:30) man in grass skirt serves over net; group under beach umbrella watches game; kids watch game; group under umbrella from different angle; people in costume parade around tennis court; (45:00) man in yellow bonnet and man w/ dress and wig face camera; (45:05)young woman stands in front of trees w/ loaf of bread, then walks off left; (45:10) woman in shorts pushes garden implement along ground; woman pushes implement toward camera; woman displays implement, a sort of shears on wheels, woman pushes shears through weeds; CU of shears in action; (45:43) woman in pants walks down walkway right to left; (45:31) shot of house w/ deck; women coming down stairs from deck; women climbing up off beach, (46:17) woman walks out of woods w/ two milk jugs; woman walks down stairs w/ suitcases and puts them on wheelbarrow held by another woman; older woman walks down stair; man picks up purse from top step; (46:50) people milling on dock; (46:53) man w/ no shirt shakes hands w/ man wearing hat; man and woman w/ bathing suits; man and woman sunning themselves on pier; man in rowboat; woman cannonballs off pier; man holds dog woman gets out of water; man belly flops off pier; older man does shallow dive; man swims back; (47:46) man and woman approach camera, man has small table and basket, woman has balloons; CU on basket; two women go down stairs, older man watches, younger man joins at bottom smoking pipe; two men go down stairs; man and woman leave house w/ tennis racquets; two men, two women leave w/ tennis raquets; man, two women watch something from porch, man leaves, older man joins; young man returns, picks up BBQ utensils, men leave, man lies on porch reading, older woman comes around porch, gives him a bag; (49:15) man starting fire (dark); man w/ camera and woman watch fire man turns away; man taking picture of woman on porch; two women man on porch, older man joins w/ large piece of steak; (49:37) man w/ yachting hat gets out of boat; (49:40) man goes through bags in trunk of car, closes trunk, woman watches, large building in background; car pulls out; pan of large building, car passes; (50:20) shadowed monument, man looks at plaque, woman walks toward him, pan up monument; man reading plaque, CU of plaque (shadowed, illegible); statue; CU of plaque, 'shot heard round the world' poem; revolutionary war statue w/ gun; man, two women walk along bridge toward camera, (51:36) something unidentifiable on street; people across street, kids playing in empty lot; (52:04) dressed up woman in front of house midshot of woman; (52:15) lot, pan across, left to right, truck backs in; dump truck backs in, dumps fill, dump truck, from side; truck driving away; something unidentifiable (too dark); man unloading bags from truck (dark); men (cutting trees?) and truck (dark), man sweeping next to cement mixer; (54:03) woman in blue dress in front of garage.
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