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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1469.0020-.0022_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reel 20
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circa 1920
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 6/97 (intertitles in quotes): Reel 20: 'Ponies For Young Children Won By Alexander Cochrane On 'Jack''. (02:42) Child astride pony. Man walks beside horse and rider. Man leads pony and rider forward by horse's halter. Three horses ridden by children accompanied by adults. (03:19) Man examines saddle. CU boy astride horse. 'Family Class Won By Frederick Ayer's Family.' MS youngsters on horses. Adults astride horses. MS of boys astride horses. (04:11) Pan CU of adults and one boy astride horses. Little girl on horse. MS children and adults astride horses. Quick CU Lady riding. Two adults and two children astride horses joined by three adults on horses in rear. (05:02) Four adults riding horses. Spectators. MS adults and children on horses. MS children and adults ride horses. 'Parent And Child, Won By Mrs. John K. And Mrs. Ann Howard.' (06:03) Children and adults ride forward. Horses canter gracefully. MS two women astride horses. Man and women astride horses follow. 'The Abbot Cup Won By Mrs. Frederick Ayer On 'Iron Master'.' MS men on horses jumping hurdles. (07:14) Woman and horse scale hurdle. Woman and horse scale a stone hurdle. Horse knocks bar out of hurdle. LS field and hurdles. CU horse led by man. Man pats horse. Man carrying megaphone. Man with trophy cup. (08:01) Man leads unsaddled black horse. Man smoking a cigarette as he leads horse. 'The Turner Hill Cup Won By A.F. Goodwin's 'Anthracite'.' MS woman astride horse scaling hurdles. LS field with specators watching event. (09:01) Hurdle scaling continues. 'The Master's Challenge Cup Won By Frederick Ayer's 'Allahmade'.' Women and horses scale hurdles. One horse knocks section of hurdle off. (10:07) More jumping. Horse refuses to jump, horse finally jumps. CU man leading horse by halter. (11:01) Horse bobs its head as man pats horse's face. Man in riding habit gives horse something to eat. Man gently wiggles bridle. 'Team of Two Hunters Won By Mell Alice Thoundike's 'Handy Andy' and 'Nora'.' Two women astride horses jump hurdles almost together, then in unison. More simultaneous jumping. (12:02) One horse knocks out the slats. Oncoming horse with rider rears at fence, but scales damaged hurdle anyway. (13:07) CU gentleman rider astride his horse with a crop or whip. Man on foot in straw hat. CU man dressed in riding habit and leading horse by bridle. 'Hunt Teams Won By Myopia Hunt Club's Entree 'Gray Bess', 'Roslare' and 'All Adrift'.' Horse and rider scale hurdle. Man on foot walks near hurdle. More jumping. (14:00) Spectators. CU horse and rider jumping. White tents and trees in background. One horse jumps another turns back and refuses to jump at first then jumps. Rider with crop approaches hurdle. Man in straw hat walks across field. Two other riders with crops. 'Cinematography By The Ernest L. Vent Home Movie Service. The End.'
John Howard
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