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16mm film; 295 ft.; Silent; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 049
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Can Descriptions
Reel 49: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Mary, Mother, Father, Mary Jr. & self. 2. Mary Jr. & self in park. 3. Flowers in park. 4. Gang of us down by Miller's. 5. Game at West Point. 6. Mary and kids. 7. New motor out to Jack's. 8. Fire rabbits. 9. J.R. Cornell. 10. Ann's first steps. 11. US Air Fleet. 12. J.D. Tweed. Screening notes: WS of mountain with small houses in FG. CU Mary wearing white fur coat. Mary waves at camera, standing bundled in hat and coat, beside woman. MS of grandmother, front and side. VS young girl held in arms of older man. Archie with same girl (Mary) in lap, MS. WS of people walking beside flower beds. VS of flowers, child smelling blossoms. American flag waving in breeze. Child seated in grass. on car running board. Archie with Mary on lap seated beside car. VS mother Mary with baby (Ann) on lap, young Mary beside. Various WS of parked sedan car with woman in driver's seat. MS of Mary getting seated on bicycle [age 7]. Mother and Mary standing beside baby carriage. VS of mother, father holding Ann, young girl beside. Cadet marching on football field at West Point. Spectators in bleachers. Football players entering field. VS game. WS country scene. WS roadside billboard for Buick cars - smiling woman in driver's seat of convertible, 'Take the wheel and marvel.' Mary seated with rifle on lap; standing beside black dog. VS farm. Mother holding Ann, Mary beside, standing in parking lot; seated in car. Building, installing outboard motor on small boat. Mary watches from dock in Maine as man attaches motor. Two men and dog get into boat, depart. Two women with baby lounging in garden. Baby takes first steps, wearing sun bonnet. VS of group of men seated seated beside cars. Pan of sky, can barely make out three planes flying in formation. More shots of baby walking in garden. Panning shots of biplanes in flight, some with treetops and houses in FG. Hotel Palatine on Grand Street, Newburgh, in foregound of large formation of biplanes. VS of airplanes overhead. Older man looking at sky. LS from above of two women and children lying in yard. [Mary Stewart Hafer: from back window at 350 Grand Street, Newburgh. Back yard of Millers' house on Forsythe Place shown in foreground.]

This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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