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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 082
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1939 – 1946
Can Descriptions
NHf cataloguer's notes: Reel 82: Archie Stewart can notes: Family trip to Maine, August 1942 (Part 2). Screening notes: WS of women and children in casual clothes standing with luggage on dock. WS loading luggage into boat. Moving shot POV passenger, of dinghy being towed, bounding in wake (nice sparkles on water). MS of two women with red kerchiefs tied to head bouncing from rough ride in boat. TS of mooring rope on bow of boat (heavy bouncing in waves). More shots of passengers, towing row boat. WS Man kneeling on dock cleaning fish. Teenage girl kneeling on rocky lake shore places small boats in water. Young girl building circle of stones in shallow water. Wooded glade with dappled light. (In BG, man leaning over fallen tree, cannot make out action. Setup for sequences later on reel?) VS of lake through leafless branches. Flock of ducks (or Canada geese?) swimming off dock. MS Young girl riding S-shaped tree trunk. Wearing boat captains hat. Followed by teenage girl, same. Tilt up: Fluffy clouds in blue sky move past pine tree top. WS Two men with a horse-drawn cart walking on wooded path. Young girl patting nose of white dray horse in harness, blinkers. VS picnic on rocky lake shore. MS frying up meat in pan over campfire. WS of picnickers with lake and grounded canoe in BG. WS scenic view of lake with grass and trees on slope in FG; sunny, breezy day. Pan up along trunks of tall pine trees to wispy clouds (2x). Young girl seated on grass playing with kitten: chasing finger in a circle. WS Man hand cranking truck in wooded setting (dark). Truck driving past small wooden shack. Truck moving through woods, rear view shows flat bed in back. Tying chain to tree to drag behind truck. VS of truck dragging two long logs through woods (dappled light filtered through leaves). Man props long logs at angle on other logs. VS man hand hewing logs into square with hatchet. WS Young girl in bathing suit walks along sandy lake shore, wades in, swims. MS Dark: Woman painting on canvas resting in lap. More shots of man hand dressing long log with hatchet. Young girl in bathing suit holding out frog in hand. Tilt up: Smoke from chimney, blue cloudless sky. CU Larger speckled frog in girl's hand. MS of finished painting: Cabin in woods. VS of truck pulling logs through woods. MS young girl straddles saw horse in clearing. VS moving shot from boat of lake: calm and small wake. Guide steering motor. MS Two girls beside sign MacNaughtans on post. Bush heavy with red berries. WS of girls on lawn holding kittens. VS of kittens frolicking.
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