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1) 0829.0001_VHS
VHS; 15 min.; Silent; b&w
[White--home movies]
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Can Descriptions
Woman and child on bow of motor yacht. Woman in knickers digs in snow. Man pounds to open hole in ice. Child runs around. Ice fishing Camp fire, three adults and child. Man holds fish on line, removies hook. More digging in snow. Setter dog near car, 2 men. 3 mins: Boat launching, pan of harbor, bridge; yacht. Young man looks up, then at camera, smokes cigarette. Bearded man rows dory backward. Boat down ways. Camera movement, not too clear. People on deck, Bath bridge, pan of ship. View of Bath Iron Works. 5:30 mins: woman with child on back. Cart (quick). Lake, canoes, people on steps of log camp. Nice view of girl fishing at end of dock, smiling man behind her helps cast. Canoe. 7 mins: horse cart by stream, people get out, pan of mountains. Woman in overalls smiles at camera, walks into woods. Man and woman look up at rocks. Indistinct panorama of mountains. Couple climbing. 9:40 mins: Picnic, man drinks from pool with silver cup, toasts camera. Mt. Katahdin? View of valley with river, pan of knife-edge mountain ridge. Woman stands against pile of rocks. 12:15 mins: Man pats dog, man in suit, woman with two small children. Blank tape. 14:25 mins: man, woman and child, child in winter coat and beret on wooden sidewalk with dog. Per Mrs. White: climbing Mt. Katahdin in 1931; 1935 1936 floods in Topsham and Brunswick.
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