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16mm film; 385 ft.; Silent; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 050
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Can Descriptions
KODACOLOR Reel 50: Archie Stewart can notes: Kodacolor. H. Kendall. Josh Self. Mary-Ah & Ann. TAS/MWS. Admiral Sims. To be shown with Kodacolor filter on projector lens. Filter in top drawer TAS's office bedroom desk. MSH understands. (NHF has filter) 1. Air meet at Montgomery. 2. Howard in Maine. 3. Trip to Pines. 4. Howard and Percy. 5. Ann in carriage. 6. Mary and mother. 7. Ann playing ball. 8. Pitcairn Field - Willow Grove, Penn. Screening notes: Pan right of airplanes parked in field, spectators in BG. VS of Jack Hildebrandt, an employee of the Broadway Garage, and Mary looking at planes; planes taking off; MS of propellers staring up; biplane taxiing; stunts, rolls; pilots; parachutes wafting thru air, rolling up chute in field after landing. Howard Kendall lashing canoe to top of car. Mrs. Kendall with two children beside car. MS black & white cat walking beside house. MS of calf. VS man at gas station fuels car, canoe on top; fills can with gasoline. Moving shot of large boat on lake. MS of man unloading canoe. Moving shot of wake from boat. MS and CUs two men talking [Howard Kendall and Percy Chase, owner of The Pines, a camp on Sysladobsis Lake]; boat and lake in BG. WS man walking towards large log cabin--The Pines Camp. Pan of cabin and forest beside, pan up fir trees. MS Howard Kendall seated in bow of canoe. CU small motor. MS of Archie in undershirt steering motor. MS of Howard Kendall in suit steering, tight turn. Canoe landing, POV behind bow. WS of moving motorized canoe. TS Archie fishing, kerchief on head. Ann in wicker carriage being rolled about in garden. VS of mother and young girl with baby. VS baby playing with ball on grass. Slow pan of airplane (autogyro). POV of countryside, Armonk airfield from inside plane (wing in some shots). Autogyro taking off. LS of polo game at West Point, NY, spectators in BG, cars in FG. LS of airplane, speck in sky. WS of Buick convertible (top up) parking. Two young girls throwing stones from rocky shore into pond; wading; dog sniffing water. Group of men and women with young girl leaning against car on city street, talking, smoking. Getting in car, driving away. Outside house, man holds young girl in arms as talks with two women. Mombaccus: Woman with two girls preparing to swim below small waterfall. Two girls giggling as stand in current below falls. Pan of group of men and women seated in woods (dark). Nice WS of waterfall, girl crouching on rock at right. Young girl digging in shallow pool. WS of Archie swimming. WS of children sunbathing on stomachs on picnic blanket. [Mary Stewart Hafer: See Reel 43/44, Mombaccus, we are all wearing underpants]

This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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