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16mm film; 428 ft.; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 032
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Can Descriptions
Can notes for Reel 32: 1934 Hunt Unknown Lake. Good hunting pictures if you like hunting. Colonel Carter. Lt. Orvil Cook. Cast: George Northrup, Herb Warden, Roy Curtis, Wes Stewart, Howard Kendall, Rob Golding, Archie Stewart. NHF viewing notes, 6/96 for Reel 32: Silent, B&W. Man in suit and hat shows Mary how to load rifle. Man aims rifle and fires. New angle from behind man shows him aiming at target in wooded area. Archie in hunting jacket loads rifle and fires. Child behind him covers ears. Mary kneels beside man searching in kit bag. Rifle lies on ground beside. MCU of man in suit and hat firing rifle. WS of West Point cadets parading in stadium. Michie Stadium at West Point, NY (Hats of viewers in row ahead partially block view.) Cadets execute drills, remove caps, jog off field. MCU of officer, tilt up, watching cadets. Viewing stand behind. WS Football game, from ground level. Tackle, pileup, hiking ball, running down field. Moving shot from inside car. VS Driving down snowy road. Other cars ahead and passing on left. Road unplowed, two tracks cut in snow by preceding cars. Car passes children with sled. Car at gas pump outside Post Office of Springfield, Maine. Man gets out of car. VS Four men pushing car on snowy country road, past barns. Hunting trip: Two men in hunting gear, face camouflage, stand with rifles cradled in arms, talking. Cartridge belts. Archie reaches over and pats pockets on companion's jacket. MS man placing pouch over shoulder, puts on cap knocked askew. Two men admire dead antlered deer. WS Man stands and points into snowy, glade of trees (no leaves). Three men in forest. Four men dragging dead bear through forest. (Speckled light) Three men kneel beside dead bear wiggling ears on carcass. Five men stand on lakeshore beside bear carcass. Two men, shot through twisted branches of dead tree. Pan right to two other men looking on. Four men standing in high grass of field. Five men struggle to drag big buck with huge rack of antlers through high grass. Five men around camp fire, cooking food on sticks. Three men drag bear over to canoe and struggle to load carcass. Three men drag deer over to canoe and load in. CU of deer head resting beside bear. Nice shot of man standing in stern of canoe using paddle to push off shore, hunter's kill as passengers. Paddles away through channel broken through thin ice. Two men watch from shore as canoe paddles away. Four hunters standing in woods, talking. MS of smiling man, can see his heavy breathing in the chill air. MS of Archie, smiling chewing gum. Two men climbing gingerly over snowy pile of logs as they drag heavy deer carcass by the large rack of antlers. VS Five men seated around camp fire, cooking, eating. Building a fire. Cutting firewood. Carrying firewood across field. Whittling point on stick to cook food. Archie sits on deer carcass while eating lunch. Relaxing, smoking. More dragging of deer across field, loading into canoe. Four men drag gutted bear. Man sweeps bear's fur with broom. Pulling pile of dead deer off cart beside cabin. Shots of man with movie camera filming kill. Gear piled along lakeshore. Loading kill and gear into boat. Motorized canoe also departing. VS of hunters inside boat cabin, moving shot from inside cabin of lake, choppy. From dock, shot of boat departing, two men wave from under awning, pile of deer in stern. Moving shot from inside boat cabin of canoe with three men moving alongside. Unloading deer, bear from boat. Loading into cart, canoe. Lashing kill to bumpers of car. Various moving shots on lake: of barge; towing canoe. Nice shot from bow of canoe, Archie seated in middle loading rifle, gazes left and right. Gas pump in front of Post Office, Ayers, Maine.'That Good Gulf Gasoline.' Man backs out of car carrying bag. Train pulls into rural station. Man leans over pile of luggage, searching thru bag. VS of men of various ages, seated, talking, smoking; examine pipe; fondle dog; play billiards. VS shooting pool, pan up to deer head mounted on wall over pool table. Two women take shots. Sadie Curtis and Grandmother Stewart at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh.

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