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March 3 2019 at 19:16:53
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 31
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Can Descriptions
31. 1934, island--Aug 17, yacht club races, Aug 22, Bar Harbor trip, Aug 28, bathing, Aug 31, boat ride and Jenkins, Sept 2, leaving isle and Sawyers, Sept 3, on board Florida, Sept 9, bathing at Seabright, Morro-Castle disaster.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 31 :00:02. Woman, boy, toddler on tennis court. Woman, boy 'lob' ball as toddler watches. Toddler raises net and walks under it to other side. Man, at side of court, retrieves ball. Group women at top of wooden gangway. Group descends. Woman waves. Boy salutes. 01:00. Boy makes face as he stands on pier. Lone man descends gangway. Four-masted ship. Surface of water. Cabin cruiser. Ocean liner. American flag flying from bow. A number of small triangular flags aloft. Flags near building with letters painted on upper front. Crowd assembled before building. Boy wearing captain's hat. Flag with vertical stripes flies behind him. Ship's officers. 02:04. Officer greets passengers as they embark. Cannons attached to pier. Boats begin speeding over water, leaving wake. People standing in crow's nest like section of ship. Man formally dressed. Other man peers through binoculars. Shot tracks down to women sitting on deck elevation. Back to 'crow's nest'. Flag-festooned cabin cruiser skims over water. 03:00. Another craft of leisure skims water surface. Leaving wakes, the various craft navigate water surface. Smoke stack of ship. Sailors on top most mast. Man standing in canvas unit. Small water craft as viewed from dock. Water surface undulating with waves as crafts skim along. 04:00. Two women, man walk down cliff-like area of seashore. They pause. Look out over water. Ladies hold their hats. Man places hands on hips. Man points as women look in direction that he pointed. Man walks up rocky area. 05:01. Car parked in seashore area. Woman and two men walk along. Expanse of evergreen trees, mountainous terrain, sky. Ocean. Two men, woman look out over water. (This area appears to be Bar Harbor, Mt. Cadillac section of Maine.) Woman waves. Men look into camera. Left-tracking pan. of area. Water surface, many buildings along shoreline. 06:06. Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. Sign telling of Fort Knox's construction, for whom it was named and where the material came from. Arches, stones of lower portion of fort. Man waves from top rampart. Woman in door of guardhouse. Pan. of Waldo-Hancock Bridge. Area trees, foliage. Overhead shot of group walking on top section of Fort Knox. American flag flying from pole attached to fort. View of Penobscot River. Landing area, buildings of Champion paper mill in Bucksport. 07:01. Waldo-Hancock bridge. Trees, foliage. Steamer floats under bridge. Boy, toddler, woman dressed for swimming walk down path in wood. Boy has toy sailboat. Woman standing near home shakes hands with toddler, boy. Toddler curtseys. The three on woodland path once more. They walk single file. Toddler, with sand pail and toy shovel, walks down path. Seashore. Tide, waves coming in. 08:05. Toddler wades into water. She scoops up water with pail and throws it back. Woman takes toddler by hand as the two cautiously wade into water. Boy drags toy boat through water. Woman holds toddler by shoulder as she treads water using her feet. Group of adults in large motorboat. 09:00. They drift onto surface of water. Pier supports. Boat turns, goes in opposite direction. Water surface with boat traveling along. Wake, water surface. 10:00. Water surface. Boat skimming over the same. (This part of reel is tinted a very light green.) Boat turns in water. Evergreens of shoreline visible. Toddler wearing lifejacket. She opens her mouth wide. Family emerge from home. Boy carries luggage. Young man carries suitcases. They set luggage down near porch. Hat box falls over. 11:00. Gangway leading down to pier. People already aboard boat. Woman, young woman walk side by side. Woman straightens back of dress. People sit in boat. Man, woman wave while standing on pier. Man wrestles with woman aboard boat. Pipe-smoking man looks on. Woman, toddler ascend gangway. Man smoking pipe, carrying valise, ascends gangway. Rear shot of group walking up area adjacent to pier. 12:03. Young man, two women walk up gangway. Ladies swing arms as they hold hands. Toddler has May basket in hand. She waves. Woman with luggage. Other woman. Car. Man drives it along. It is stopped. This a coup'e convertible. Young man pulls down rumble seat. Two men get into rumble seat. Canvas top is now down on coup'e. Two women on side wave. Other women wave. Top has now been raised. 13:00. Toddler, boy wearing captain's hat lean out of side window. Boy swings on inside railing of boat. Toddler, man approach. American flag waves from side of boat. Other boats of various kinds in harbor with boat. Family group leaning on rail; two women, boy, toddler. Sign explaining location in Florida. 'Newportnews, Shipbuilding, and Dry Dock Company.....1931.' 14:01. Toddler descends steps of home. She arrives to parked car on street. Man holds door open. Toddler gets in. Toddler standing in open door of car. She dismounts. Man retrieves sweater from car and hands it to her. Woman opens screen door of home, greets toddler as she enters. 15:06. Children playing in large sandbox in park. Toddler climbs in. Woman, boy, toddler at foot of steps of home. Boy waves. View of long, overhanging roof. Rushing, voluminous waterfall. Its foamy expanse, onrushing water from back. Boy descends steps of home. He carries small basket. Man, toddler walk ahead of him. 16:06. Woman, boy, toddler all dressed for swimming. They are at ocean's edge. Waves lap shore. Man appears in his swim suit. Bathers are wading in water. Ocean liner docked near shore. Large group of spectators on shore. Crowd disperses. Walks away. 17:02. Side pan. of liner. Shore spectators. Boy, leaning against railing, watches crowd. Leftward pan. of crowd, ocean liner. Spectators walk about. (End of Reel 31.)
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