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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
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4) nhf-1108_0055a 18fps HD Reel 55 PARTIAL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 055
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1940 – 1941
Can Descriptions
Reel 55: Archie Stewart can notes: Temporary placement of pictures received April 1940. 1. Parade. 2. Puppies. 3. Flowers. 4. Snow. 5. Trees. 6. Northrop as a girl. 7. Bird from car. 8. Golf, slow. 9. Ann & Rattle bang. 10. Yellow hollyhocks. 11. Golf at Caht Valley. 12. P.D. & Bob Harper golf. 13. The Scotch Boys. 14. Decoration day Parade 1941.
Viewing Notes
Screening notes: WS of parade. Parked cars in FG, uniformed men on horseback. WS of people waiting for parade, women wave. VS parade, firemen, band, police, girl scouts. VS flowering bushes, trees, garden (Color). Bird in field with dandelions. Car license plate, 'New York State Fair 1940.' Snow covered tree branches. Mary, Mary and Ann wearing Easter outfits, outside with basket of puppies. Pan from treetops down to woman walking in garden (short and dark). George and Florence Northrop on couch: Florence is dressed as a man, George dressed as a woman. Fussing with fake chest. Flower arrangement (Color). VS large bird in grass taken from car window (poor). Killdeer (ground bird). VS slow motion golf swing. Small bird running (golf club head in frame to show scale). VS of putting on golf green (good color). More slow motion of swing. WS of course. Relaxing at clubhouse under veranda (shadow). More shots of play around course. Two boys in kilts standing beside snazzy cars with hood ornaments. [Mary Stewart Hafer: These boys were en route from Great Britain to a relative who lived at Pear Harbor where they would be "safe from the war" Ironic.] Archie lets top down on convertible. Young girl on grass playing with cat, named "Rattle Bang." VS of flowers, hollyhock stalks (Color). High shot, tilt down to people beside cars. VS of parade. Police; veterans of military, girl scouts.
Birds, Automobiles, Golf, Parades

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