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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1488.0009_VHS
3) 1488.0009_INSP3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 009
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 9. 'Gram and Grampie at Tenant's Harbor, 1930. Old Peg, Coney, Reg and I boxing, etc., 1930. Leon, Ethel, Mother, Dad, Reg and I at Sandy Point, with the Boston Boat going boat, 1930. Aunt Alice, Reg, Mother, Peggy and I at Bar Harbor, 1930. Reg and I in snow, me and fire truck, 1930.'
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 9: Intertitles: '1930. (1) Gram and Grampie at Tenants Harbor. (2) Old Peg, Coney, Reg & I boxing etc. (3) Leon, Ethel, Mother, Dad, Reg & I at Sandy Point with the Boston boat going by. (4) Aunt Alice, Reg, Mother, Peggy & I at Bar Harbor. 1931. (5) Reg & I in snow. (6) Me & Firetruck.' (00:02) Woman standing beside wagon wheel. Man and little girl join two women. Woman straightens fur collar of older woman. Man in doorway wears mechanics uniform. Man stands beside wagon wheel. He holds horse by rein. Side view of horse. Little girl joins older man. (04:03) Horse grazes. Little girl plays with stick. Two women in front of house. Gesturing, one woman talks. Little girl joins women. Elderly man gives girl a pat. She runs off. Another man approaches elderly man. Monument, large gravestone in yard. Man wearing overalls in doorway of garage. He chews tobacco. Woman approaches man. Woman gestures as they walk forward. Boy, girl atop wagon. Woman helps girl dismount. Woman, girl grasp hands. Man looks on. The three join hands. Girl atop wagon. This wagon also serves as plow. Woman helps girl dismount from wagon. Older woman waves. She does a little dance in yard. Young woman comes up to man, kisses him. Man looks plow, wagon over. Boy and girl grasp prongs of wagon, try to pull forward. Boy and girl sitting on wagon. They hold hands. (07:02) Girl points outward. Boy talks. Boy in scout uniform descends steps of home. He salutes. Girl in sailor suit does the same. Girl hugs cat. Boy drags object along ground. Cat plays. Girl throws football. She kicks it. Boy kicks it. Dog enters yard. Boy holds up food for dog. Dog lifts one paw. Dog stands on hind legs. Girl pedals tricycle in yard. Two boys box in yard. Two boys at edge of shore. Older one wades in. Dog joins the two. Older boy swims, emerges. Girl joins the two. (10:06) Shore, boy swimming. Dog swimming. Boy and dog on shore. Pleasure boat [steamboat] towing rowboat. Boy in water at shoreline. Splashes water on self. Water, [steamboat]. Men, boys, woman, dog on shoreline near water. Older man in business suit joins them. He waves handkerchief as if to signal to boat. Family gathered at edge of lake. All in bathing suits with exception of elderly man at right. Dog runs behind group. Boy and woman wade into water. Boy plays with rubber toy turtle. Older boy walks carefully over rocks. Younger boy puts toy in water. (13:00) Older boy wades in water. He jumps in water for quick dip. He walks shoreward. He has small life jacket which he throws back to shore. Woman sits on shore, dangles feet in water. Older boy takes quick dip. Woman, younger boy, and older boy all wade into water. Young boy swings rope around. Wide angle shot ocean waves on rocks. Family on top of cliff; two women, the two boys. Older boy and woman look out over ocean. Boy gestures. Ocean waves, rocks. Snow-covered ground, dog, child dragging sled. Boy makes arduous attempt to drag sled through deep snow. Man commences shoveling snow. Child sits in snow, hugs dog. Dog frisks away. (16:03) Dog jumps through snow. Child runs through snow. Gets shovel. They shovel together. Dog stands on hind legs, leaps up for treat held by man. Shoveling resumed. Man has treat for dog. Dog stands on hind legs, begs. Dog running on grass, no snow. Dog tethered to porch. Boy with toy fire engine beside home. Boy elevates toy derrick by winding handle on toy engine. He guides engine down walkway with his hands. Kneels down, pushes engine forward. Manipulates engine with vertical derrick. (19:02) Holding derrick, boy rocks back and forth slightly. Boy crouches, talks. Window, transparent curtains within. Dog appears in window. Older boy leads dog down porch. Dog on leash. Man follows. Group shot, dog, boy, three men. One man has ice skates around neck. (End of Reel 9)
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