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1) 1922.0006_VHS
2) 1922.0006_BSP
3) 1922.0006_F16
16mm film; Silent
[Alvin H. Giffin--home movies] Reel 6
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Can Descriptions
Vinegar syndrome, shrinkage, emulsion damage. // STORED IN VINEGAR FREEZER. // Originally reel 4. // Note on can: 'Alola & Doll at beach; Dad Giffin; Alola & Viola at beach; beach cottage; Rita Morine's; Alola 2 yrs. old at Bristol/playing doctor; Xmas in Wash.; new house in winter 1947/1948; snowman after storm, May 1949, roses.' // Woman and little girl sitting in garden with doll, joined by man, joined by older couple; girl in yard with yoyo like toy; two women and girl in garden; exterior shot of houses, people in yard; little girls at table drinking out of straws; little girl playing in yard with stethoscope, babydoll; shot of living room decorated for Christmas, gifts under tree (toy kitchen, horse teeter totter, toy crib, child size table and chairs set for tea party); shot of mantle with stockings; man, woman and girl take their stockings down; little girl looking up chimney; little girl playing with toys; little girl posed with dolls; snow scene: girl and dog playing outside; girl, dog and sled; girl pulling dog on sled; shot of street, house with snow; girl and dog in snow; man and kids building snowman; kids and dogs with snowman; snowball fight; exterior shot of house; man standing on uprooted tree; shot of street, houses, cars; girl climbing on fallen tree trunk; girl gardening in yard with dog; woman sitting on front steps, dog in yard; woman and girl weeding rose bed; men in yard with dog;woman and girl smelling roses.
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