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March 3 2019 at 19:16:53
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 24
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Can Descriptions
24. 1933--Mar 26, Susanne eating, Apr 22, Tom's recital, Apr 28, planting seeds, Apr 28, Susanne's 2nd [birthday], May 1st, [Uncle] Ted, Tom, Dan stroller, Becker Dairy Farm, G and Tom kiddie car.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 24:Infant in high chair. Man lowers tray attached thereto. 35:38. He places, ties bib on infant. Infant smiles. 36:07. Woman approaches and places sectioned infant's dish on tray. Hands infant spoon. Infant plays with spoon. Woman takes spoon and demonstrates to infant the proper way to eat. Infant takes spoonful of food and woman feeds her a spoonful. Infant takes a spoonful of food on her own. She reaches for item on table which woman takes from her. Infant drinks from glass. 37:01. Woman gives her spoonful of food. Infant feeds herself. Woman gives her a spoonful. She shows infant how to use spoon. Infant moves spoon back and forth, but then feeds herself once more. She drinks from glass. Woman watches as infant drains her glass. Infant resumes eating with her spoon. 38:02. Infant uses spoon to secure tidbit which fell on tray. Infant puts spoon in glass. She attempts to remove what remains in glass with spoon. Woman removes dish from tray and gives infant glass with just a little milk in it. Infant drinks milk. Woman places dish of pudding on highchair tray. Little boy draws up chair and sits opposite infant. He takes spoon, dips it in pudding and places spoon in infant's mouth. He feeds infant. 39:00. Infant smiles, looks around as boy continues to feed her. She consumes the last of the pudding and boy places dish on adjacent table. Boy pours milk from baby's bottle into glass. Infant drinks from glass. Process repeated. Boy descends steps of home. Stands on pavement. 40:00. He skips down sidewalk. Woman, boy descend steps of home. Woman wears wimple-like device around her neck. This is a neckerchief whose folds extend downward and spread out. Woman, boy walk along. Quick shot of large container on dolley in doorway. Woman sits in front seat of car. Boy emerges from back seat, steps out and waves. Woman waves. Woman walking down sidewalk in business district of town. Open-air car, possibly touring car of the past, is parked by sidewalk. Man with small items under his arm, follows her. Boy dodges under low-hanging branch. He walks in field. Man has spread blanket-like cloth on ground. Boy watches as woman emerges from car. 41:00. Woman and boy sit on blanket. Woman sips from cup. Sandwiches, food spread out on blanket. This is a picnic. Woman drains cup. Boy nibbles on sandwich. Woman partakes of sandwich. They are near bare tree. Man sitting on ground in area. He may be sitting on low bench or logs. Boy aims small arrow. Small child's archery unit. He shoots arrow. He walks into sparse, leafless foliage to retrieve arrow. Man and boy play game of 'catch' with ball. 42:01. Man retrieves ball after boy throws it far off target. Woman, boy running, racing down road. Woman raises arms aloft. Man crouched down digging in earth. He has white paper in right hand. He opens paper, possibly map, and goes on digging with trowel. He puts soil in paper which he placed on ground. Infant removes tissue paper from cardboard box. 43:05. She removes small item from box, drops it on floor. She tries to undo ribbon on box. She removes lid on box. Boy peers into box. There are wooden blocks and circular wooden spools in this box. Infant piles up circular spools. 44:02. Spools fall over. Infant repiles them. She discards small paper brochure. Quick shot woman outside. Infant sitting at formally set table, fine silverware, glasses, etc. Boy approaches, blows out candles on small cake near infant. Woman, man approach table. 45:04. Boy makes 'blowing' expression for infant. Two men and woman approach table. Boy 'blows' with mouth. 46:06. Woman feeds infant small item on end of stick. She holds stick as infant eats item on end. Infant puts hands to side of head as woman looks on. When infant removes hands, woman applauds. Infant does the same. They applaud together. Woman places cake near infant. 47:04. She guides infant's hands as infant cuts cake. Infant smiles as she tries to cut cake. Woman takes slice of cake which she helped infant place on plate. Woman places plate in front of infant. 48:07. Woman shows infant how to eat food placed on plate. Infant eats food. Infant feeds some of the food to woman. Woman licks food from infant's finger. Infant partakes of food. Woman eats food infant held up with hand. Infant places food in hand which woman held out. Man wheeling infant seated in open carriage. Boy walks with man. Other man follows the two. Man behind grasps boy's hand. 49:00. Shot of infant smiling as she is seated in open carriage. She waves. Boy jauntily descends front steps of home. Man wheels infant down path in copiously- treed area, park. Boy follows after. He waves. Pov. ride in car. We're in front seat. Boy stands to look out. Trees, buildings as seen from pov. ride. We go by them quickly. Group of children, from seven to ten years of age, four women, and a man. 50:01. This group walks forward. This could well be school class. Shadowy shot. This looks to be a large building with the windows illuminated at night. Group of boys running down walkway by building. Boulders circled on grassy area surrounding walkway. Girls also present. Group of buildings. Trees well-landscaped in area. 51:01. Pan. of grounds, grass. Herd of cows in background. Man is harnessing a team of horses. Three boys emerge from what appears to be barn. Other boys and girls emerge from doorway. Woman, more girls and boys exit through doorway. Student body, women walk about. Pupils run on and down field. 52:02. White horse harnessed to milk wagon. Ladies walking. Boys, girls sip milk through straws from small bottles. Left tracking pan. of group. Pan. moves to right. Two boys sipping milk. Boy has arm around his buddy's shoulder. Two men, woman near buildings. Group children nearby. Tree-shadowed sidewalk by home. Boy, infant astride kiddiecar. Boy makes kiddiecar go by pressing feet on ground. 53:05. He holds infant securely aboard. She smiles. Infant begins to cry. Boy removes her from kiddiecar. She walks a few steps, falls down, rises. (End of Reel 24.)
Amateur films, Women
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