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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; Color
4) 1108.0140-.0142_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 142
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Can Descriptions
Reel 142: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Go to Quantico for kids 29-13 May. 2. Farewell at Fackler's 26 June. 3. To Pottsville for Maguire party 30 June - 1 July. 4. [No Pottsville pictures] Ann's visit. 5. Camp with Hafers. 10-22 August. 6. Last family dinner with GG. 7. Last pictures of G.G. 26 August 1962 taken on Mary's departure. 8. GG visits her old homestead. 9. Morning glories. 10. Pine tree for height. 11. Trip to Long Island. 12. Hart's visit. Screening notes: Family playing in yard. Elizabeth walking on lawn, standing in cardboard box. People outside stone house, with collie dog. [Gen Facklers, commanding officer at Stewart AFB.] Group shot. Rex playing baseball on sidewalk. Family getting into car. Rex and Mary Lou hug woman in wheelchair (GG). Elderly woman (GG) with dachshund in lap. Woman taking photograph of toddler, pan up to treetops. WS child in garden. Woman feeding Elizabeth in highchair at 350 Grand Street. VS of baby on porch at 388 Grand Street playing with jack-in-box. VS of clapboard house [GG's childhood home on S Plank Road, now demolished.] Moving shots from boat towing water skier. From shore, skier takes off and lands, Tom at camp. VS people watching sheep at farm, Rob Golding, Earl Bonness, Hafers, Fred and Mary and kids. Men carrying picnic table and placing outside log cabin. Picnic dinner, lake in BG. Hafer gang. People loading into motorized canoe, Mary and Fred Hafer. Children playing in woods, Abby and John making stick houses. Three children pose with calendar, CU pointing out date August 11, 1962. Tom Hafer driving Jeep, two other children in flatbed. Tom pushes wheelbarrow holding Abby along narrow dock. Interior, family eating watermelon at dinner table, 350 Grand Street. Exterior, dark, children push great grandmother in wheelchair. Children carrying cage with parakeets to car. Car loaded with luggage departs, Hafers leaving for Chicago and Park Forest. Morning glories climbing up side of porch, at 350 Grand Street. African American woman in apron beside blooms. Woman in garden, picking flowers. Woman relaxing on chaise longe at motel. WS of ocean shore, parking lot. VS of [motel?], Archie and Mary Stewart walking on beach. MS woman in FG, lighthouse in BG. VS woman looking at views of beach, radar tower. Cars waiting for approaching ferry. Calendar, August 1962. Pan up house following morning glory vines to roof. VS of garden. Archie and Mary Stewart pose with friends, Percy and Mrs Hart (Peg) at 350 Grand Street.
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