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1) 1108.0096 - 1108.0097_VHS
2) 1108.0096 - 1108.0097_SVHS
3) 1108.0096 - 1108.0097_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Sound; b&w
4) 1108.0096-.0100_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 096 - 097
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 96 and 97: Archie Stewart can notes: Florida, 1950, Part 1 - 2 Screening notes: Moving shots from large boat, harbor scenes, Norfolk ferry? Large trawler lashed to tugboat. Smokestack. Stewart family on deck of ship. Large passenger ship, Princess Anne, steams by. Name of ship painted on sign beside railing. Archie and two woman walking on deck. Churning wake of boat. Car parked on road. Archie standing beside car, drinks from bottle. LS of suspension bridge in heavy fog. Roadside restaurant. Entrance to Marine Studios. Sign for Marineland. Cars parked along road side near sign. Dolphins swimming in tank. Large tortoise in tank. People standing around pool, watch as various people feed fish to leaping dolphins [some slo mo]. Diver [metal helmet with grid] in tank feeding large fish. Stingray. Angel fish, turtles. Moving shots from car of seaside community: public places, homes, people walking on beach. Mrs Mary Stewart in bathing suit, ocean in BG. WS of hotel, sign for Ocean Edge Court. VS bungalows. Cars driving on sand beach. Archie's Buick. Mother feeding flying seagulls. VS women playing golf. VS cars outside bungalows, houses. VS flowering bushes. VS of palmettos beside beach. Older man with bow tie on sidewalk, Jack Cook. Archie and women sitting in beach chairs under awning. [Jack Cook, Walter Cook, Miami Beach Cook's Casino] Mary strokes man chin, standing in doorway. CU sign: John B. Reids Marine Terrace Hotel. VS stucco building. Sign: Marine Terrace Hotel Private Beach, Guests Only. VS hotel, people relaxing on beach, wading in water, watching surf. Large stucco building, name painted on wall: Ann Stewart, Dresses, Afternoon Slacks, Playsuits. WS of store display window with mannequins. Driving shots across long bridge. Billboard: Welcome to Key West, 2 miles to Charter boats, Free Information. Two leaps swordfish painted on sign. LS Woman standing in garden beside palm tree. Sign in shape of palm tree: Southwind Motor Court, Private beach. Other signs up post include AAA. VS of fishing marina, with wooden traps stacked on shore. Ruins of stone [fort?] on shore. VS cars on palm lined streets. Signs: You Are now Leaving Truman Ave. and Entering Roosevelt Boulevard. A&B Lobster House. Huge ramshackle wooden building with two cupolas. VS people eating in restaurant [dark], view of marina through windows. Cars on Route 1. Billboard: You Are Leaving Key West Florida, the beginning of US Route No. 1 and Ending in Fort Kent, ME - Thank You and Come Again. Billboard: Boca Chica Field Naval Air Station, Key West Florida. Below: Possession or use of cameras prohibited within the limits of this station. Moving shot from car of long bridge, highway, Seven Mile Bridge, people fishing off bridge, high tension electric poles. Pipeline alongside highway. Small plane taking off from field, turns, circles, crop duster. Sign: Shoemaker Farms, on wooden wall. Moving shots, rows of crops. Moving shots from car of highway stretching to horizon. Moving shot from water, passing grass huts. Birds flocking overhead. Car beside road, trunk open. Ducks swimming in channel. Car ferry approaching dock. People waiting on shore beside cars. LS two people lean over to collect shells on beach. Huge flock of seagulls rise up. VS of people walking along waters edge. VS houses, palm trees, waterbirds, footbridge over channel. Pelican swimming. Moving shot, slo mo, driving down palm tree lined street. Sign arching over entrance: Winter Quarters, Main Entrance. Painted lion and elephant. [Barnum & Bailey Circus] People looking at animals in wire cages: monkey, tiger. Elephant in stable. Giraffe in pen. Hippo splashing water. Big tent, painted on canvas: To The Greatest Show on Earth, Main Entrance. Cars in parking lot. LS training horses. VS of lots of people playing shuffleboard in large pavilion. Crowds of people seated on benches on city street. Bus stops to pick up passengers. name McCrorys painted on backs of benches. Moving shot from car driving towards large ornate stone building. Pig snuffling across highway [from inside car]. Moving shot, city street. Coca Cola sign painted on wall. Approaching plantation style building. Mannequin dressed as stereotypical African American mammy - kerchief on head, long skirts. VS of fish swimming, from above [glass bottom boat?]. Underwater shot: boat propeller churning water, sea grass. American flag waving in crisp breeze, blue sky, palmetto [?]. Moving shots in tour boat, Jungle Cruise, moving though channels. Tossing food to monkey in trees. Passing another tour boat. Pool of alligators. Snakes in glass case. Man carrying snake with jaws propped open to show fangs to tourists. VS of flowers. Approaching steel bridge, sign on girders: Way Down Upon the Suwanee River. Billboard Entering the site of Suwanee River State Park. VS people on beach: Palmetto Court motel. Archie playing in surf. WS from top of hill of valley stretching below. Large wooden building with water wheel. Mary walking in snowy field. Driving shots in snow, windshield wipers, passing traffic mostly trucks. Billboard: 6 miles to Orseck Boys Cafeteria, Open All Year. Billboard: 1 Mile Red Apple Rest Restaurant, Cafeteria. [Tuxedo, NY]
Recreation, Beaches, Travel

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