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16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent; Color
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[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 23
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1939 – 1941
Family Stuff--July 1939-June 1941 16mm col. 350 ft. Donor notes on can: "Family Stuff- Wayland-Faith at 6 mos. Air Views of Maine, Jan 1941 July 1939 - June 1941" Donor Notes: "July 1939-June 1941 Faith early July + early September-1939 Snowstorm Wayland, March 1940 Faith, Wayland, April 1940 Kids + Faith eating (?) July 1940 Kids in snow - Nov 28 1940 Xmas and Jimmy the goat Dec 1940 Air views of Maine Jan 2 very clean but no snow on ice 1941 Kid in snow Jan 1941 Jimmy the goat, Ann's Circus + stuff June 1941" Shots of Faith (born January 20, 1939) sitting in Chapie Bemis' lap on lawn, July 1939. A dog joins them. Shots of Faith in a playpen outdoors in September, 1939. Views of the Bemis's Wayland, MA, house surrounded by snow, March, 1940. Views of trees covered in snow. Alice and Ann play in the snow, trying to release a tree branch buried in snow, and accompanied by two dogs, sliding down a track in the snow. Chapie and the two girls toboggan down the front lawn. Shots of Faith toddling around outside in Wayland in April, 1940. Views of Ann, Alice, Faith and Chapie and Alan sitting outside on lawn chairs with a cat. Views of Faith with nanny in the nursery eating a meal at her table, July 1940. Views of two older girls shoveling the tennis court at Wayland November 28, 1940, then handing Faith her doll which has gotten full of snow. In some scenes Margot joins in. Underexposed shots interior, then exterior shots of Jimmy the goat harnessed to a goat cart that carries Faith and Alice, Christmas, 1940. A male servant leads the goat and cart out of the house as the two girls sit in the buckseat of the cart. Aerial views over Maine, January 2, 1941 from the Bemis Fairchild 24 floatplane, showing no snow on the ground. Several flyovers over High Head, Brooklin, the Bemis summer home, and surrounding areas of Brooklin, and Eggemoggin Reach. In January, 1941, Faith walks in snow, then is pushed in a sled by both Chapie and Alan Bemis. June, 1941, Chapie leads Jimmy the goat with Faith in a small goat cart around the grounds at Wayland. And then holding a lead, Faith tries to lead the goat around the lawn. June, 1941 Shots of Ann on horseback performing tricks at Wayland with spring trees in bloom. Her sisters and others perform a costumed skit, do bag races, perform acrobatics on the jungle gym, have sawhorse races, play with a hose (spraying Alan Bemis in fun), two cats play on the porch.
Families, Winter
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