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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Charles Gilbert--home movies] NHF Reel 013
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circa 1929
Can Descriptions
NHF Cataloguer's notes as follows. Intertitles in quotes; film box dates/notes in parentheses. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 13: (Bath, Maine). (55:30). Small elephant eating hay. Bison grazing in zoo park enclosure. Goats. Camels. Mountain goat scampers up small mound. Boy standing astride seat of a toy wagon (go-kart?). He holds steering wheel. Smiles for camera as he sits down in driver's seat. Boy is with woman who is bent over some some stakes and string in the yard. Some stakes have fallen. A dog is sitting in the foreground. Woman attempts to re-position some of the stakes. Boy watches camera. Another woman takes a rabbit from a hutch. Young boy looks very eager to get it from her. He sits down. She starts to give it to him, then takes it back and strokes rabbit briefly. Talks with the other woman and then smiles at camera before holding rabbit on the ground for boy to pet. He does so while looking into the camera. Boy stands behind hutch with bugle-like toy at his mouth. He jiggles from foot to foot. Boy now stands under canopy of a small tent while woman is talking with him for the camera. Dog walks down the sidewalk. Now young boy follows behind in the road. He is chasing the dog, trying to hold his tail. Boy falls down. He walks toward the camera, holding his horn toy. Boy plays on the sidewalk, then goes up the steps into the house.
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