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3/4inch-video; 22 min.; Silent; b&w, b&w and color
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Maine family activities and travels, circa 1930-1950-- Ben Blodget--home movies. Reel 1
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circa 1930 – 1950
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Credit: Ben Blodget home movies. "Maine family activities and travels, circa 1930-1950." 16 mm. film. From the Ben Blodget Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 6:28.
Compiled home movie reel including 1939 New York World's Fair color footage shot by Benjamin P. Blodget, resident of Bucksport, Maine.
Viewing Notes
New York World's Fair footage: United States Building and Lagoon of Nations with fountains. Government Zone Pavilions including Romania Pavilion. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Pavilion including statue, 'The Worker.' View of Constitution Mall with fountains and plantings, and United States Building in the background. Closeup view of George Washington statue with flags and plantings in surrounding area. Spectators around statue. Trylon and Perisphere. Shot across pool of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Pavilion. Plantings of tulips. Closeup view of various flags at entrance to Amusement Zone. New York Zoological building (Giant Panda and Electric Eel sign). Little Miracle Town ("Morris Gest's Little Miracle Town: with the world's greatest midget artistes"). Other Amusement Zone buildings in the background. Pan across Court of States. Ohio Building. Illinois Building. Pennsylvania Building. Woman in traditional Japanese dress. Restaurant with patio. NHF cataloging notes, 2/93: 01:00:17 Hamlin Memorial Hall (Unity?). 01:00:24 Blodget house and porch, Mrs. Atkins on porch. Waldo-Hancock bridge in background. 01:00:49 Phillips Lake, Lucerne with waterslide.01:00:55 G. Laurance Blodget in white hat. Arthur Swazey (grandfather of rep. Michael Swazey, with deer. 01:01: Ripogenus dam. 02:00 Bucksport, Franklin Street, Memorial Day Parade. Ben Blodget. Elementary school students in jacket and shorts, early 1930s. 02:00:20 End Central St., Bucksport. Verona Island in background. Same parade.02:00:36 Extreme left, Western Auto Building.02:00:47 Bucksport, Old Home Week. color, Main Street. Alamo building, small restaurant next to Corner Drug Store. Homer Mooney, Orland, with oxen. Lived on Falls Road.02:01:26 First National Store is where Florist is now on Main St.02:01:35 Bucksport Drug Store, also on Main St. Snow removal.02:01:41 Elm Street Congregational Church, summer fair, ca. 1950. Middle woman is Mrs. Merle Abbott, son lives in Belfast. Husband was a river pilot, used to row out to meet ships on Penobscot. On right, Mary Sargent.02:01:45 Tent, woman telling fortunes. Second boy from left, Ronald Patterson, still lives in Bucksport. 02:02:05 Baby contest, women holding babies.02:02:10 Ben Blodget selling tickets.02:02:27 Ellen Page and her daughter.02:02:30 John Blodget. 02:02:50 Reverend Brown and his wife Mary, their daughter Sharon.03:00:26 Schoodic Point.03:00:52 Castine Road fire filmed by grandfather.03:01 Family picnic (blue). Sieur de Monts Springs, Mount Desert Island. 03:01:57 Fred Blodget is man in white hat. Daughter Sara Page comes to Alamoosook. Lives in Kennebunk. Hazel Blodget in coat with black trim, Ben's mother. 03:02:27 Benjamin P. Blodget's house on School Street. House decorated for winter holidays with Princess Pine. 03:02:52 Hazel (Ben's mothers) picnic. Indian picnic basket. 03:03:07 University of Maine winter festival.03:04:11 University of Maine graduation (b&w).0 3:04:35 Women students dance (Pandora's box).03:06 Cousin and mother.03:06:30 Blue Hill Falls, Nevins estate, two aunts.04:00:18 New York World's Fair, 1939 (col.) 04:02:28 Williamsburg, Virginia. 04:02:51 Florida, motel alligators. 04:04:04 Silver Springs, Marine Studios. Ben's brother with animals on him. Boats. 04:06:23 Tomatoes? Cypress Gardens. 04:09:12 Aroostook County, brother and father, potato blossoms. Easton. Brother lives in Presque Isle. 04:10 Cyprus (Ben went with US Government) Telecommunications relay. 04:11:08 US Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus. 04:11:33 Trip home.
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