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16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 1, Accession 2525
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1937 – 1940
Can notes: “Phil. Hussey – No. Berwick, Maine” Reel notes: “Iron League Fishing Trip ’37 ; Colby-N.H. Football Game ’38 ; Colby –N.H. Football 1940 ; H. [Small] – C. Drake + [Purt] Fishing [sic] at Sebago ’38” Intertitle: “Iron League Goes Fishing at Squaw Mt. Inn ’37.” Intertitle: “And Four Old Bucks Wore Nighties.” Shot of three men in nightgowns on porch of wooden cabin. Two men walking in nightgowns across lawn. Two men on porch. View of large white hotel with wooden chairs on lawn. Man walks down path heading toward trees. Pan of surrounding grounds and landscape. Man who was walking down path turns to talk to camera on porch of wooden cabin. Intertitle: “Good. – Isn’t He?” Man on porch very animated in telling a story to camera. Another man comes out of house onto porch in union suit (long underwear one-piece) and comically gets checked out by friend. Third man in underwear holding a drink runs off of porch and onto lawn, chased by two men. Men in boats. Fishing. Shot of fish in the water. Shot of mounted fish with plaque reading: Giant Tuna Wgt. 377 Lbs. Caught by Henry Strater Aug. 7, 1936 with Rod and Reel. Plaque is next to photo of Strater with Giant Tuna hanging upside down upon being caught and weighed. Back to shots of men in boats, fishing. (Footage shot from boat alongside other boat.) View of mountains in background, rods extending from where cameraman (Hussey) is seated. Intertitle: “John Vaupel took these pictures.” Dark footage of two men standing in front of tree line. Shot of men getting out of the fishing boat holding fishing rods. Four men laughing in a group. The men shake hands, are smoking cigars. View of cabin and grounds. Panning shot of water, islands and mountains. Shot of dock in water with slide and diving board. Panning shot of water, islands, mountains. Youngest Hussey boy poses against side of house with string of fish. Shot of blimp in the distant sky. Airport. Plane coming across field toward camera. Side of plane reads: The Great Silver Fleet. Another plane PCA on side. Football game with view of field and spectators. Shot of marching band with major and majorette – one shot of majorette posing for camera. Two men in boat, fishing. Man holds up fish for camera. Several shots of fish being reeled in, put into net. Fishing. Another football game. Some shots in slower speed, darker. Shot of three young men doing gymnastic moves (one tries to help another do a flip onto a man’s shoulders).
Philip W. Hussey
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