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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 122
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Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: Reel 122 Trip to California January to March 1956. See Mary Lou plus trip taken by Ann in California of M & WB Summer of 1956. Screening notes: WS people at highway rest stop. Moving shot from car of mountain scenery. VS of small town main street. MS of Rob Golding in suit examining [cotton?] plants in field. WS car beside road. Infant sleeping in back seat. Ann holding sleeping baby. Mother admiring flowering bush (hibiscus). WS signs: Oceanside [California]. Visit Our Beach. Bridge Motel. VS motels beside highway. VS flowers, beach. TS bathing baby. MS Mother feeding baby with bottle. Similar shots of Ann, grandfather [Archie Stewart] feeding baby. Rob Golding playing with dachshund dog. Archie polishing car on residential street. VS tract housing neighborhood, Marine Base? Archie hanging wash in yard. VS of people outside Victor Hugo Inn [Laguna Beach, CA], patio overlooking ocean, walking in garden. Mother seated with baby outside house. Family group poses for camera [Archie and Mary Stewart, Percy and Peg Hart]. WS of electrical towers, Rob Golding in FG. WS herd of sheep, two men in FG. WS sheep being herded. WS row of palm trees. Rob displays crate of oranges. Sign: Sequoia National Park, mountains in BG. MS car driving into tunnel hewn from rock. Sign: Stewart View. MS Rob feeding deer by hand. MS Archie looking at field of snow. WS Rob standing at base of giant Sequoia tree. Sign: Sherman Tree. WS Rob looking at valley view. WS of ocean from above. VS of long freight train passing, mountains in BG. Sign: Arizona. VS of buttes, cliffs, rocks. Sign: Yucca Lodge Motel [Bowie, AZ?] VS of motel signs. Archie standing beside highway, drinking. VS of roadside picnic. Tom and John pose in cowboy outfits on front steps of house, 23rd Road, Arlington, VA. VS family eating dinner. Tom and John sit on Archie's lap as he reads to them. Ann holding baby, vintage car in BG [Model T Ford roadster?, Reg's car]. VS of automobile. Baby lying on towel on grass, bare bottom.
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