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16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 25
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Can Descriptions
NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 25: Intertitles: '1931-1932. 35:53. Man with golf iron. 36:04. He tries his swing. Another man now tries luck with iron. 37:00. He continues with iron, ball. Near area of course with foliaged hill, he hits ball, raises dust. Grove trees surrounding course. 38:02. He continues to practice aim. Boy holds flag in hole. Man scores in nearby hole. A younger man now practices his golf swing. People walking at side of course. Man continues golf practice. Man smiles as he holds club. 39:04. Slender man arrives to practice. He squashes ball down with foot. When he swings, he raises a huge cloud of dust. He wiggles around to get a good position. Raises another dust cloud. Shot of green. Two men side by side. These are the golfers. They smile. A third man with them also smiles. 40:06. The men walk around. Pan. of golf course with evergreen trees, mountain sides in immediate distance. Pan. tracks to left. Evergreens, trees, mountain side foliage. Man holding golf iron aloft. He smiles, approaches ball. Aims carefully, gives ball vigorous whack! He repositions ball. Number of golf balls lie on ground. 41:00. He continues practicing golf. Gives backward glance before hitting ball. 42:00. Group of men in background watch. View of green with surrounding evergreen trees. Group of men move closer to watch practicing golfer. Trees near course. Shrubbery, foliage in area where golfer is practicing. 43:00. Someone runs down course. Golf ball rolling down course. Golfer scores. Mountain side, trees, flag in golf hole. Leftward tracking pan. of area, course, trees, mountain side. Golfer walks down side of course. Another golfer follows carrying clubs in bag. 44:03. Men walking down course. Golfer carries bag horizontally. Group men sitting on long log bench. Man at side leans on iron. Evergreens at side of course. Men sitting on log bench. Pan. of golf course, surrounding trees. Golfer with clubs in bag walks forward. Removes iron. Positions ball. 45:02. He gives ball a vigorous whack. He contiues his practice. 46:02. More of the same. 47:02. He continues. Small pond visible in shot. He wiggles a bit to change position. He is now near shrubberied hill. Vigorous swing raises dust cloud. Near grove of trees at periphery of course, he continues his swing. 48:08. Man holds flag in hole as golfer positions ball. He fails to score. He makes another attempt.
Amateur films, Golf
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