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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 118
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1954 – 1956
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 118: Archie Stewart can notes: Deliver Mary's new car. Thruway traffic. Willard's visit. Camp with Uncle T. Screening notes: Family admiring car; Mary and Fred in Pottsville, PA, 230 North 20th Street. Two young boys toddling about, riding bicycles on sidewalk. Flowers in garden. WS of highway traffic--New York Thruway. Family posing beside car, load up and leave [Willard Beauchamp family in Newburgh]. Two boys in garden, Tom and John Hafer. Tom Hafer and Rob Golding swimming in lake. Rob drifting past [riding log?] WS of three people fishing from small motor boat. Tom trying to tie mooring knot on dock. Tom and adult watch pontoon plane land. Airplane taxis away from dock across lake. Man and boy in garden - picking or weeding. Tom sits in grandmother's lap [Mary Stewart], reading comic book. Tom and Rob canoeing. Earl Bonness in woodshed loads wood into wheelbarrow. Tom aims and shoots small rifle at oil can. Rob pushing Tom in wheelbarrow. Family eating at picnic table outdoors; Archie, Mary, GG, Rob, Earl. People eating inside cabin (same group). Tom in field, turning [steering?] wheel in high grass. Tom whittling wood, seated in stern of moving boat. Loon swimming on lake. Tom standing on small dock watching choppy waves. Tom climbing through driftwood piled on lakeshore. Tom and man shooting bow and arrow at target. Two men give boy a rocky ride on deer carrier. More archery. More pontoon plane landing and take off. Three people pose on garden, women in fur stoles and hats at 350 Grand Street; Doc and Leedle and Mary Stewart. WS of oil tanker on Hudson River.
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