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1) 1469.0030_VHS
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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1469.0029.02-.0030_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reel 30
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Can Descriptions
NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 30: (03:01) Man striding through stream using long stick for support. Man has rifle, backpack. Meets another man on opposite shore. Two men walk into meadow, emerging from evergreens. M.S. straw-like grass as men walk down edge of meadow. Men examine dead buck deer lying in meadow. One man lifts up buck's horns. The other man touches horns. Pan. foliaged mountain side with intersecting stream. Boulders on mountainside. Bird atop boulder looks around, opens mouth. Intertitle: 'Back at Glen Lyon.' Horse outside building kneels down. Woman sits on saddle. Horse rises. C.U. woman astride horse. Woman smiles. Horse rides away. Family sitting on steps outside home. Boy has puppy on lap. Intertitle: 'To Elfin Bay Station by way of Lake Wakatipu. This time for fallow deer.' Pan. lake, evergreens, snow-capped mountains. Intertitle: 'Lake Wakatipu.' Pan. lake, evergreens, snow-capped mountains in immediate distance. (06:04) [Superb scenery!] Pan. trees, lake, across lake to mountains. Pan. lakeside, mountain terrain nearby. L.S. small dock. Pink building. Two men walking on lawn in front of building. Pan. lake. People walk to opposite end of promontory which extends to other side. Horse drawing sled laden with wood through meadow. Man walks behind. He grasps long reins attached to horse. Family group standing in yard. Fence, horse nearby. People watch horse graze. Another horse tied nearby. Woman pats tied horse. Horse being unpacked while people stand nearby. Different horse being packed for journey. Pack being secured to horse's saddle by means of rope. Mountain side foliage, evergreen trees. Ice and snow expanse. Trees on mountainside. Man standing beside packed horse at edge of lake. Winding stream separates wooded mountain sides. (09:02) Grass in meadow. L.S. horse-rider fording lake. Man with his horse stands on shore. Slowly, timidly, horse reaches opposite shore. Man astride horse. Man stands in field talking with mounted man. Mounted man points with crop. Standing man points to distance. Man sits outside of very makeshift tin structure. Pan. green mountain slopes, blue sky above. Pan. to meadow in which is small inlet. Man chopping wood outside tin shelter. Narrow winding stream divides wooded mountain sides. Shovel in hand, pack on back, man walks up road toward primitively-made structure. Sets rifle at side of building, removes backpack. M.S. valley below mountain with few bushes. Green mountain sides in immediate distance. Pan. valley, lush mountain sides. Man on horse riding up to tin structure. Man dismounts. Horse grazes. Intertitle: 'By aid to the head of the Greenstone Valley, over the divide into the Capels Valley and down that valley to Lake Wakatipu and Elfin Bay Station. (12:00) Overhead pan. green-foliaged mountain sides divided by lake. Snowy mountain sides as photographed from airplane. Part of plane visible in shot. Pan. richly-forested mountain sides, stream. M.S. sides of mountain, forested and snow-capped. Footage of rocky mountain side shifts into greenery of slopes. Aerial photography of mountain grandeur coninues. Rocky terrain, narrow stream intersecting mountain sides, meadow. Pan. dark blue lake, rocky slopes reach down to lake. Intertitle: 'From Elfin Bay to Lake Te Anau.' Pan. lake with sloping low mountain sides, some wooded, some barren. [Superior scenery.] Pan. sheep pen with animals and men in pen and standing outside in field. Other nearby sheep pens. M.S. sheep clustered in pens. Some men stand. Others sit on top fence rails. Sheep move around inside enclosure. (15:02) Mountains in background. Man with paper in hand, gestures while standing in midst of sheep. Intertitle: 'At Lake Te Anau we cross the lake to the north fiord on its western shore and leave a party there.' Men in rowboat on edge of lake. Man on deck of cabin cruiser. Man comes aboard cabin cruiser. As it starts to move across lake, man stands at mast. Lake, trees, mountain. P.O.V. passenger on boat. Richly-branched trees overhand lake. Mountains mirrored in lake. M.S. man mooring boat to shore. Cabin cruiser moored. Lush mountain side trees in background. Four men stand on shore near rowboat. Men wave at camera. We are in midst of lake with surrounding trees. P.O.V. passenger on boat crossing lake. Group of small wooden buildings near shore of lake. Intertitle: 'From Anau to Beaumont ranger's station on the Blue Mountains Forest Reserve to have another look at the fallow deer.' Pan. field of varicolored grasses, surround by evergreen trees. (18:00) Yellow and white flowers growing in field. C.U. yellow flowers on stems. Pan. meadow, low lying shrubbery, adjacent mountains. Cars parked by white-doored cubicles. Three men outside small home. Two dogs in yard. Man nearest dogs rubs and pats them. Intertitle: 'Here on the Blue Mountains, Archie Clark, 'his old dog,' Nigger and I spent 10 days in pursuit of those 'wee sods' the fallow deer.' Rear shot man with rifle slung across shoulder, dog following walking down meadow. Tall grass, yellow flowers dominate foreground. Mountain side with trees, rocky terrain. L.S. lake just below mountain side, slopes extend to lake. Meadow with tall, straw-colored grass waving in wind. Man walking through meadow, waving grass. Man walking through field, dog at his heels. White grass or flowers dominate foreground. [Overexposed.] Fallow deer scurry down path so quickly as to hardly be seen. Pan. forested mountain side, other mountains in immediate distance. Man and dog walking down hill. Man pauses to examine tree. Intertitle: 'Up Tramway Gulley to the 'tops' for fallow.' Bushes. Grass-like appearance. Man cooking over campfire deep in woods beside stream. Foliage, trees render shot naturally shadowy. White, long-stemmed flowers wafting in breeze. (21:04) Tall grass. White animal in grass hardly discernable. Intertitle: 'A fly-camping trip to the Rankleburn end of the Blue Mountains, still for a look at fallow deer.' Field, shrubbery, evergreens. Pink-roofed white house at corner of field. Beyond house, white wooden structure appears to be group of doors. Hillside with bare tree. Pan. trees growing on mountain side. Man smoking pipe as he sits in rough shelter comprised of sticks with white cloth roof. Smoke wafts into shot. [Shot slightly overexposed] Man pours water over plate. Washes plate. Copious-leaved low trees on mountain side. Black dog sniffing fern-like shrubbery. Man examining dead deer lying on ground. Dog comes up to man. Dog sniffs deer as man lifts deer's head. Man examining deer which has been skinned. Pan. climax of sunset with just a touch of gold and pink. Horizon almost in complete darkness. Intertitle: 'We take 'the Alert', a 72-foot motor cruiser, from Bluff, a port on the south coast, thru Foveaux Strait, to the great sounds on the south-west coast.' Boats in harbor. One is steamer or freighter. Other is cabin cruiser. Two men on roof or nearby to cabin cruiser. One man grasps a cable or hose. Steam wafts in shot. (24:04) Man on deck. Pan. waters of harbor. Other boats in dock. POV passengers on boat. Pan. harbor, docked boats. Silohouette of nearby mountain slopes. M.S. side of moving boat, mountains, harbor waters. Cabin cruiser adrift. Semi-cloud covered mountains in background. Churning water of harbor. Duck floating on water. Duck flies short distance, resumes floating. Pan. harbor water with snow-capped mountains in immediate distance. Shadowy shot mountainside. Long gentle waterfall, mountainside evergreens. Two men on deck of cabin cruiser. Cabin cruiser almost upon waterfall. One man scurries about deck of cabin cruiser in excited, comical fashion. Waterfall with forested rocky sides. Men on deck of cabin cruiser. Men hold cooking pots out to catch cascading water from waterfall. [Unique, exciting shot] Pan. waterfall, mountain side, harbor water. (27:04) Mountainous shoreline, a couple of scraggy trees. Dark waters of harbor, evergreen trees and foliage on shore. Intertitle: 'Landing at the head of Caswell Sound, we tramped to Lake Marchant, there took a small row-boat across the lake and up the Stllwater River to the first rapids. From there we made our way on foot along little used and difficult game trails up the Stillwater to its confluence with the Ethne Stream. Here we climbed over the intervening range and came down to George Stream and 'The Alert'.' Men on deck of cabin cruiser. Man lowers object into water with cable. Man standing in rowboat drawing alongside larger boat. Moving waters of harbor with mountain sides along shoreline. P.O.V. passengers of boat, harbor waters in motion. Calm harbor waters with mountain ranges silohouetted in background. Pan. water, mountains. Track shot of great beauty. Mountains, clouds reflected in mid-harbor waters, P.O.V. moving boat. Green trees, foliage at water's edge. Man stands at very edge of shore. Shadowed shoreline water. Pan. dark water, overhanging foliage. Foliage reflected in water. Intertitle: 'Here we find both the native Grey Duck and the Paradise Duck (really a goose)--Grey Duck.' Duck in midst of meadow grass. Two ducks. One burrows its bill in water, looking for insect food. Duck sitting in grass. Young, smaller duck waddles nearby. Mother and offspring. Quick shot two ducks sitting amidst dark foliage, hardly discernable. (30:03) Harbor waters, copiously-foliaged mountainside shoreline. Pan. from shadowed water to brighter center of harbor, mountains in background. Jutting sandbar with vertically slim foliage. Intertitle: 'Paradise Duck.' Duck nesting on grass near shore. Boulder in background. Duck barely moves except for blinking eyes. C.U. other nearby black and white duck. Second duck cranes neck a little. Duck looking around a bit. Profile of duck. Duck looks calmly into camera. Foliaged lake shadowed by trees. Water in background is in sunlight. Forested mountain side in immediate distance. Intertitle: 'Blue Mountain Duck, very rare.' Surface of blue lake with surrounding trees on shoreline. Overhanging foliage mirrored in brink of lake. Undulating water enhances scene. Blue Mountain Duck appears floating. Duck rapidly skims along. Foliage of mountain side, dark then sunlit. Intertitle: 'The native wild pigeon again.' Leafed tree branches against sky with a few bare branches. Wild pigeon perched in center of curved, bare branch. Shot wavers a little. Pigeon flies away. Pan. trees on sunlit shoreline. Two men in rowboat on lake. One man stands, pulls boat to shore. (33:03) Shadowing l.s. three men standing on shoreline. One man walks short distance. Forest. Stream intersects abundant foliage growth. Bushes with light green leaves and orange flowers. C.U. flowers. Shot wavers a bit. Group of men gathered in forest. One man passes another an item. Two men sit talking on ground. One rests chin on hand. Men advance into forest. One has ojects which he swings back and forth like an axe. Other men follow. Men have backpacks. Intertitle: 'The Kaka, the rave bush parrot.' Parrot perched on branch of tree. Parrot eats food using its claw. Sunlight and shadow on bird, foliage good contrast. Parrot hops to another branch. Nibbles food. Intertitle: 'George Sound.' Small boat, possibley a fishing boat, floats on mirror-like surface of sound. Mountain sides loom on each side of sound. Rigging visible in foreground. Pan. toward minimally-misted mountain side, p.o.v. boat. Intertitle: 'Mr. Less Murrell, the oldest and most experienced explorer of the sound's area and its hinterland, was put ashore at deep cove, Doubtful Sound, where he has a hut.' (36:00) Man standing in rowboat. Someone hands him long wooden bannister-like rail. Man on other side of rail passes poles through empty spaces in rail. Structure being built in forest. Pink roof and supporting poles already in place. Pointed, slender-leafed shrubbery and copious mountain side evergreens visible. Shadowed lake surface reflecting abundant tree growth along shore. Fishing boat. Surface mirrors boat. Men on deck of boat. Surface of lake, surrounding foliage of mountain side on shore, pink sky comprise scene. Intertitle: 'We visit Jules Berg, the hermit of Preservation Inlet.' Makeshift dwelling in denuded patch of forest. Man stands in front of dwelling. Clothes hung on wooden rack. Grounds, dwelling, wooden fence. Pan. adjacent trees, lake, mountain beyond. Intertitle: 'Jule's deer-trap.' Long poles ordered fence-like with some poles vertically placed. Foliage, three men. Intertitle: 'This time we fill 'The Alert's' water tanks at the waterfall.' Water cascading down waterfall. Bow of 'The Alert' almost in waterfall. Water from fall cascades into water tanks. Waterfall, man on deck of boat. Shot tracks downward to container, objects on deck. Intertitle: 'Visiting the lighthouse at Puyseguer Point.' Surface of ocean water in motion. 'The Alert' floats along surface. Men in rowboat heading from shore. Two men help drag boat onto shore. Medium-foliaged shoreline mountain side. Neat wooden building on land. Series of buildings. Cliffside with ocean beyond. Low shrubbery on rocks. Lighthouse visible in background. (39:31) Lighthouse. People outside. Sparse, close-cropped foliage in front of lighthouse. C.U. lantern at top of lighthouse. Intertitle: 'Mollymawks.' Gull-like bird floating on surface of dark watered lake. Bird floats along water into sunlight, more illuminated region of lake. Merrily 'mollymawks' skim along. Bird who has caught something from below surface with mouth. Men on deck of boat. One is hauling anchor by means of rope. Entire crew of men tug on rope. Silohouetted pan. mountain side, clouds in sky. Pan. pink, variously-shaded blue clouds. Intertitle: 'Back at Bluff.' Cabin cruiser tied to dock. Maroon structures on dock. Cabin cruiser wafts up and down. Sunset viewed from dock. Boat is silohouetted. Silohouette of mast against sky. Intertitle: 'The End.' (End Reel 30)
John Howard
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