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March 3 2019 at 19:14:47
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 92
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1961 – 1962
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 92: 18:02. Florida. Palm trees. Domed building in background. Flamingos on lawn. Right-tracking pan. of area. Pool with many flamingos assembled at side. Two men work in area where pavement is cracked. Truck goes by. Man works in opposite background. Man with spade. Man beside of him has tree which will be planted. Postman descends steps nearby. Man holds tree while buddy shovels dirt around it. 19:06. Middle-aged couple standing in yard. Grove trees. Man walks in area. He pushes lawnmower. Lawnmower cuts shrubbery as well which it now does. Wharf, adjacent building. 20:04. Man carries heavy, square item along gangway. Woman descends gangway. Sign over entrance: 'Private. Isle of Springs Assn.' Toddlers, two women sitting in stern of boat. Toddlers wave. Man carries large basket of flowers up steps of home. Another man, who carries flowers follows him. Children on path. Copious trees in area. Little girl walks up path. She carries long, white items in one hand. Exterior rustic post office. American flag, trees in front. Building at waterfront. Many triangular shaped flags hang at side. 21:05. Yacht in harbor. (These shots a bit faded.) Cabin cruiser drifts on water. Two children in costume: Chinese and devil. Woman in bathing suit ca. 1890s. She has tennis racquet. She turns about displaying self like model. 22:03. The three walk away. Woman in long coat, large hat. It is somewhat of a costume. She raises tennis racquet in comic pose. Group assembled outside of tennis court. Tennis game begins. Victorian-style house in background. Still in costumes, the players begin tennis match. 23:08. Two men shake hands. Spectators at side. Pan. of spectators. Man leads mock parade. He uses tennis racquet as marshal's baton. The revelers walk single file. Woman near end does jaunty, comic dance. Man on end has on woman's long house dress and knitted cap! Entourage reassembles by tennis court. 24:04. Woman distributes gifts which have been placed on table. Three members of costumed group. Woman helps little girl carry wheelbarrow to path. Woman pushes wheelbarrow along as little girl stands in front. 25:03. Family assembled for Christmas. (Shot a little shadowy.) Boy is handed holiday card. Someone opens present. (Photography returns to normal.) Boy places yellow napkin under chin. Man serves boy cake. Woman helps boy cut cake. Little girl aboard three-wheeled tricycle. Little boy approaches. He stands on back. 26:01. Girl pedals away as boy holds onto her. Girl gives boy ride while he stands at back of trike. Woman walks on lawn of home. She wears fur stole. She carries flower. Says a few words. Walks forward. 27:00. Coupe car. Man opens trunk. From long square box, man removes tire rimming. Front of car exterior. Small station wagon parked beside of coupe. Little boy runs along. Paper bag in hand, man follows. 28:03. Woman, little girl follow. Little girl jumps rope. Little boy tries to do the same with clumsiness. Three children standing outside of tennis court. Boy at right has toy airplane. Girl walks forward, item in mouth. Two men working. One pulls huge block of wood apart with his bare hands. Children walk in this area. Abundant trees, shrubbery. 29:02. Man throws block of wood he has divided to side. Man, smoking pipe stands by tree. Younger man smokes cigarette. He's bare-chested. Man at small table on porch. He hands girl pack of cigarettes. Woman in bathing suit. She is in wooded area. She points into distance for little girl with her. Woman picks up items at side of field. Little girl fondles small doll. Item of clothing hung on tree branch. Foliage of field, woman working in field. 30:00. CU American flag. Man places firecracker on rock, ignites it, runs away. Smoke from firecracker. He repeats process. People, dog walk down path. Two women at side of field. Young man, boy look on as older man ignites another firecracker. Boy shields self with arms. 31:08. Man working on porch. Has screen door which he will install. He fits it into door frame, secures hinges. Slim tree trunks in wood. Boat drifts on lake. 32:04. These shots hold. Boy, girl on boat landing. One of them jumps up and down. Man descends gangway. Woman, man kiss quickly at top of gangway. Woman walks down gangway. Luggage on boat landing. 33:00. Passengers emerge from boat. Fireplace aglow with flame. Party. Assemblage of toys, many of circus items, cages for animals,etc. Woman enters home, group of children behind her. 34:00. She points to poster at side of door. Poster states: 'Circus Party'. Blindfolded child places paper circles on poster. Gangway, boat landing. Trees in wood. Dogs at side. People lined up at side of gangway. They're painting the gangway. Dog appears on gangway. 35:10. Older man painting railing. (End of Reel 92.)
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