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[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 074
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1937 – 1939
Viewing Notes
Reel 74, Part I: Archie Stewart can notes 'Silent & sound. Trip to Florida, winter 1937-38 (for the dear public). SOUND Screening notes: Color. Intermittent sound. Same trips as previous reel, similar footage. Neon sign at night ' Enjoy Florida All Year 'Round.' Sound: 'January 1, 1939...' MS Archie standing on beach in white suit, holding small movie camera. Sign: Strath Haven Hotel. WS of hotel exterior. Man in uniform. Pan up from beach to hotel. WS Cook's Casino. VS hotels along beach, POV from beach and rooftop. Various WS crowds on beach. WS boats on ocean: sailboats, passenger liners. Slo pan on 'Pan American Airways' lettered on hangar building. WS of parking lot. Two man walking on porch, ocean in BG: Grandfathers Stewart on left and Warden on right. WS of clipper ship airplane. VS of airport and environs, two men walk in FG. VS of airplane, people on tarmac, tow vehicle, ground crew. Interior of airplane hangar, plane surrounded by scaffolding, maintenance crews. Propellers in bins. Radio tower. WS crowd in grandstand. Football game. Sign on far sideline for 'Orange Bowl.' Photographers along sidelines. Goodyear blimp towing sign. Halftime show: color guard carrying flags, band marching in formation. VS of crowd. Broadcasting booth: 'Ted Husing, Columbia Broadcasting System, Station WQAM Miami.' VS Deer eating grass. Duck. Girl feeding deer through mesh fence. Sound: 'Goodyear zeppelin... over Miami Beach.' Engine and Archie narration. Aerial views from blimp. Shadow of blimp on ocean, land; bay; bridge between islands; houses; interior of cabin, pilot's controls; reef; Miami Beach; skyscrapers; City Hall; piers, ocean liner; park; Miami; yachts moored at shore; POV behind pilot. Silent. Zeppelin overhead. Benches under awning, beach cabanas. TS on automobile grill, Packard auto; blimp overhead. Girl standing beside cabana, light wind blows dress. MS Goodyear Blimp 'Puritan.' TS on blimp landing, mooring ropes being secured by ground crew. Passengers approach airship, climb aboard. Aerial view from blimp, silent: golf course. Golfers on fairway, pan up to blimp overhead. Aerial from blimp: shadow of airship passing near hotels; golf course; hotels along shore, beach, ocean; skyline; causeway; residential areas. Bathers on beach, palm trees in FG, sailboat passes in BG. Neon signs at night: 'Cook's Bathing.' 'Beach Wear and Gifts.' 'Tours.' 'Kool Motor Casino.' 'Pig Trail Inn, Pabst, Bar, Rheingold, Lucky Strike Cigarettes, 2 to 1.' 'Dixie Tire Co.' 'Amoco.' 'Bill's.' 'Cinema Casino.' 'Lincoln Road Pharmacy.' 'Calvert' with clock. 'Griffin Aleways' [sp?]. 'Four Roses.' 'Sears.' 'King's Ransom Scotch.' 'Sears Tackle Shop' with leaping swordfish. 'Coca Cola. Cooling Refreshing' with clock. 'Buick.' 'Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey.' 'Old Taylor Bourbon.' '[Y]our Guide to National Distillers Good Liquors.' 'Old Granddad Bourbon.' 'Mount Vernon Rye.' 'El Chico's Charcoal Broiled Steaks Chops.' 'Atlantic City Mammys Miami Beach.' Sheridan movie marquee 'The Grandest Musical Ever Filmed. Done in Glorious Color. Jeanette Macdonald, Nelson Eddy, Victor Herbert's Sweethearts' moving shot. Residential streets, palm trees, houses. WS of hotel, awnings over windows, traffic in FG. Canal or causeway. VS of houses, mansions. TS bunch of coconuts in tree. Flowering bushes, cactus, gardens. La Gorce Golf Course sign. VS of clubhouse, fairways, greens, putting, driving off tee, etc. Archie washing golf ball. Caddy. Various MCU of unidentified young men. Scorecard. Card for Bay Shore Golf Course. Sunset, skyline. VS of city from rooftop. Ann leans against wall, ocean and ship in BG. HS of beach and ocean. Reel 74, Part 2: Archie Stewart can notes: Silent & Sound. Trip to Florida, winter, 1937-38 (for the dear public). Screening notes: Similar footage to Reel 73. Color. Sound is narration by Archie Stewart. Archie narrates scene as two daughters ride waves on air mattress. 'Yonder... is Hercules...' Man in bathing suit lifts barbell on beach. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Lifeguard at Cook's, a Lithuanian refugee from Russian takeover] Sound: 'Let's see you do like those colored boys over in Africa... climb that coconut tree.' Young girl climbs tree on beach. Sound: 'Ain't he low...' Goodyear blimp flying over beach, palm tree frond in FG. Sound: '...the day before Christmas.' Two young girls walk along wall. Sound: '..Portuguese man of war.' Stick pokes at small jellyfish on sand. Sound: '...Jack Cook's New York central...' tractor pulls sled holding garbage cans across beach. Sound: 'Ann [young girl] pick up jellyfish.' MS, CU on jellyfish. MCU of two girls in hand cranked sidewheeler paddle boat. Overweight woman in bathing suit.
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