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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 148
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Can Descriptions
Reel 148: Archie Stewart can notes: 1) camp 13-26 May 1964. 2) Decoration Day parade (with Brownie MLWB)? 3) Arrival of Hafers. 4) Swans with babies. 5) Farwell family reunion at 350. 15-20 June. 6) Reggie home. 7) Games with kids, baseball, football and cards. 8) Farwells 22 July. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 148: VS older men and women seated around cabin. Fish plaque on wall. Earl Bonness and Rob Golding talk. Rob and Archie Stewart talk. MCU of shore of lake, pollen along shore. Exteriors, people at picnic table. Three Scottish Terriers leashed to tree. Archie standing on lake shore. Marching band, policemen [?] parade. Drum majorettes. Army soldiers, march, pan down parade route, Broadway, Newburgh from Broadway Garage. Sweet Orr factory in BG. Marching band, members wear plumed hats. Boy Scouts. Swan and baby cygnets, ducks and ducklings feeding in pond. Children watch from bridge at The Polly pond, Downing Park, Newburgh. Boy and girl seated on curb, from behind. Hafer car approaches and they jump up to greet arriving cousins. VS of kids on porch. Archie Stewart carving for family dinner, Mrs. Mary Stewart. Older kids helping carve for younger children, passing food, eating at 350 Grand Street. Boy and girl playing catch with baseball, with grandfather Archie Stewart at 388 Grand Street. Tossing football. Interior: seated at table, kids playing card game with grandfather. CU on bowl of strawberries. Family eating lunch in kitchen, Reggie is back! Saying goodbye at curb, loading car kids, dachshund, parents, waving goodbye, pan to follow car down road. Hafers and Saulses together, Ann and Reg drive away. Kids' toys left behind: Quick interior and exterior shots of toy kitchen, beds with stuffed animals on coverlet, toy desk. Bedroom with family photo on bedside table, dining chairs, boxes beside television, broken swing. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Archie is missing his grandkids already]
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Archie's grandchildren in camp at The Thoroughfare, between West Grand Lake and Pocumcus Lakes. Ann & Reg Sauls are also there. Earl Bonness is guide, and Tecky Bonness is cook. Lunching outdoors. Kids playing in water at dock. Reg Sauls on rock with daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth walking into woods. Water skiing with Earl in canoe. Eating indoors. Kids building "Fairy Houses" in woods. Driftwood house with Mary Lou & Abby, John & Rex. Earl shooting clay birds. Tom, Archie. Kids lined up at Howard Johnson's at Portsmouth NH rotary. September trip to Camp. Mother & Archie at roadside picnic. Archie doing his "signature" drinking of Coke from a bottle. Mother & Rob Golding in the vegetable garden at camp. Mother with fish. Coffee on outdoor fire. Blueberries. Rob & Archie in Jeep. Going into Jeep garage at camp. Early & Rob bringing table outdoors for meal with roast chicken and camp-brown vegetables. Newburgh. Hafers. Heidi Hafer as a puppy. Interior of 388 Grand Street, Newburgh, after Archie & Mother moved there. Combination of their furniture and Grandmother Stewart's. Captain Archibald Stewart's nautical instruments. (My great-great grandfather) Hafer kids. Xmas in Pottsville PA at home of senior Hafers, 230 N. 20th ST. Senior and junior Hafers, Ann Hafer Maguire and husband Dick, Rob Golding.
Parades, Families, Lakes

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