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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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Strike, Salmon, Strike Reel 19
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Can Descriptions
Label: 'Strike Salmon.' // Short documentary about fishing in Maine produced by National Sportsman Magazine.
Viewing Notes
Title: "Strike Salmon Strike." Intertitle: "When the ice goes out of the lakes of Maine, it's time to go fishing." Dissolves to next Intertitle: "A few hours from Boston on a comfortable sleeper. Most Anywhere in Maine." Man descends from train, followed by another man with a fly rod in case. Shake hands with their guide. Men load gear into a car. "20 Woodduck" small steamboat, smoke comes out of funnel. Men sit on bow with smokestack in foreground. Intertitle: "The Head Camp, twenty miles up the lake." Man throws painter to another man on dock. [They have arrived at Dobsis Camp.] Intertitle: "With rods ready to start fishing at once." Boat with people getting off onto floating dock. Intertitle: "Roy Bailey, --native son--who knows his country." Man with pipe clenched in his teeth gesticulates. He is wearing a felt cowboy hat. Intertitle: "Ed Smith, Managing Editor of National Sportsman Magazine." Smith, from a low angle, looks at camera, then away, casts his fly rod lightly, cigarette in his mouth. Intertitle: "Ed gets the first one,--about four pounds. Just right for tomorrow's breakfast,--broiled." Blurry shot of Ed smith on rock with plank leading to it. Fish jumping out in the water. Two men on rock, one with net. Dam in background. Man with net kneels down, catches fish. Intertitle: "Ken scores with a squaretail trout." Two men on shore, bring fish to them, man with rod reels in line. Man with net adjusts cap. Dog comes between them. Man catches fish in net, holds up fish. This looks like it was taken at another time. Fish held up against ferns. Intertitle: "Ken finds the nest of a shelldrake (fish duck)." Man lifts brush and picks up egg. Intertitle: "These soft feathers ought to make a good fly." Twists feathers between his fingers, turns hand to show it. Intertitle: "Ed decides to tie a few flies himself, but needs some hackle feathers." Chickens in an orchard, man stalks them. Runs after chicken who is faster than he is. Intertitle: "Foot-loose and fancy free--Trying to keep his dignity." Bird runs. Man runs after chicken holding a fish net. Around the woodpile, by small calf. Falls down. Intertitle: "A crawl stroke." Man crawls on ground among boulders trying to catch chicken. Hen is caught off camera, man pulls it out of net, sits down and yanks feathers out of it. Two men sit on porch, one lights pipe. The other holds feathers. Intertitle: "Short feathers for the body and head." CU one man holding fluff, the other tying with line. Intertitle: "Long, soft feathers for the streamer." CUs tying, man on right looks at camera. Man in background ties and then snips. Intertitle: "Shellac on the winding and the fly is ready." Jar, paintbrush, man holds up fly. Camera pulls back to show two men on porch, lake in background. Intertitle: ""Art" is elected to try the new fly." Man on rock in stream, man in checked shirt approaches with the fly. Checked shirt sits and smokes while other man casts into stream. Two edits later, fish in stream. Various shots of men and fish jumping. View from dam. Checked shirt nets fish. They are on a rock that is connected by plank to land. Man in hat and tie holds up fish. Intertitle: "Ed takes his turn while Kimbo, the dog, loos on and trouble brews." Various shots of dog, including from plank. Dog walks on plank. Intertitle: "WHOA!" Man runs after dog, as it has line wrapped around it. Dog and man run. Intertitle: "Under and over." Man falls over fence, tied up in line. Checked shirt man untangles dog. Dog on porch with screen door behind. Guide sits on edge of porch. Intertitle: "Just to prove that the new fly will work as well for Ed." Man with line and net catches fish. He holds it up. Netting another fish. CU man takes hook out of fish's mouth and lets it go. Intertitle: "But we have fish enuf to eat and a few in the "pound" to take home." Hand holds up fish, forefinger traces fish, fish flips. Two men in suspenders hold up fish. Perhaps the man with pipe is Pop Thornton. Silhouetted men wave. Title: "Produced by National Sportsman Magazine in co-operation with the Railroads serving Maine and the Maritime Provinces"

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